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Acetal Suppliers

Polyoxymethylene Acetal Suppliers

Acetal (Polyoxymethylene) is a wear resistant, engineering thermoplastic. It is manufactured in 2 types, Copolymers and Homopolymers. This semi-crystalline material can perform under high temps, it has a continuous use temperature of up 180° F (82° C). It’s been manufactured and offered commercial for well over 50 years.

The 2 types have different strengths and physical properties. Acetal copolymer is traditionally a lower cost option than Acetal Homopolymer.

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Acetal Sheet, Rod, Hexagonal Rod, Square Rod, & Tube

Polyoxymethylene, Acetal comes in the following shapes: Sheet, Rod, Hexagonal Rod, Square Rod and Tube. Polymershapes, acetal suppliers, can ship the following sizes of each shape:

Standard Shapes Sheet, Rod, Hexagonal Rod, Square Rod, Tube
Sheet Dimensions: 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 24″, 12″ x 48″, 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 48″, 48″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″
Thickness: 0.030″ – 6″
Rod Diameter: 0.125″ – 14″
Hex Rod Diameter: 0.25″ – 1.125″
Square Rod Width: 0.375″ – 1″
Tube Outside Diameter: 3″ – 8.5″

*The sizes above are standard stocking sizes. Other custom sizes are available upon request. Please contact your local branch for information and a quote.

The Acetal Sheet and Acetal Rod shapes come in Natural and Black colors. The Acetal tubes are offered in natural and black colors. Several grades are available including, Homopolymer, Copolymer, General Purpose, Unfilled, Glass Filled, PTFE filled, Static Dissipative, and Metal Detectable.

We work with the following Acetal suppliers: Quadrant, who’s brands include,  Acetron® and Ertacetal®, Ensinger who makes the brand Tecaform®Polymer Industries’ brand
UNITAL® and Rochling.

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