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Film Conversion

With five locations across North America, the PolymerFilms division of Polymershapes are your film conversion experts! From material selection to sheeting and packaging, the PolymerFilms team can meet any specification large or small. 


Trim and square sheeting film material to precise tolerances


Packaging converted material for quality control


Adhering a pre-mask or adhesive to a film material to protect the material or printed image from damage.


Film conversion where a master roll of film is cut to sheets, in various sizes. Interleaving can be done during sheeting, thin tissue placed between sheeted plastic to prevent scratch damage


Converting a master roll of film to smaller rolls of varying widths and/or lengths

Polymershapes prides itself in offering a variety of services that can meet all of your film conversion needs. For example, to speed up your production process, master rolls of film can be custom cut to size in a sheeting process, allowing you to have the exact size you need for your printer or any production process thin gauge plastic material is being used in. To meet the most precise needs, sheets of plastic film can be trimmed and squared on a guillotine cutter to meet the tolerances you or your customer needs. 

Our plastic films can also be kitted and custom packaged. This service will allow you to package all of your products in a uniform fashion so that they can avoid getting dust and contaminants on them . Beyond this, our kitting solutions will allow you to organize all of your products in a way that will provide the greatest level of value to your customers. 

 Lamination is a technique that is widely used to protect materials and printed images. This technique will provide much more durability and longevity of your materials and images. This service has been used in the book binding industry for decades due to it’s great number of benefits. These materials are now used to cover and laminate a variety of marketing peripherals and marketing kitting solutions for companies across industries.

Polymershapes is the trusted partner for film conversion services and has been exceeding customer’s expectations for 75 years. Choosing a trusted partner for all of your film conversion needs will ensure that your project will be taken to its full potential in a timely manner.