Austin Plastic

Austin, Texas is the capital of the state of Texas, and one of the most populous cities in the United States. Commonly referred to as the “The Live Music Capital of the World”, this city is located in Texas Hill Country, and is frequently named to top ten lists on publications like Forbes, U.S. News […]

Toledo Plastic

Polymershapes Toledo Plastic offers plastic fabrication, customer service to help handle your related plastic research questions, and a myriad of stock products that can be custom cut to order. Locally managed, our Toledo plastic supplier and distributors are always ready to help you with your questions, and assist with ensuring that your order is ready […]

Cutting Polycarbonate

Polymershapes is the top supplier of plastics, and the best brands, including Lexan. We also provide fabrication services, and can assist with cutting polycarbonate into the thickness, shape, and type that you need. If you do not have prior knowledge on cutting polycarbonate, you’ll want to ensure that you have the proper saws, and support […]

Lexan Tube

Polymershapes stocks Lexan tube and the largest stock of available polycarbonate Lexan in the country. Thinking of utilizing Lexan tube polycarbonate for your application? Our industry leading customer service team can provide you with knowledge and data that will help you make the necessary decisions related to what type of Lexan Tube or another type […]

Polymershapes Film Conversion & Distribution Centers

You’ve built your success on delivering superior results. Polymershapes Film Conversion & Distribution Centers are committed to providing you winning plastic film solutions that help grow your success. We partner with the industry’s most innovative and trusted brands to deliver the plastic film solutions that bring you outstanding performance and unlimited versatility. Whatever your requirements […]

Polycarbonate Roof

Roofing panels made from polycarbonate are much stronger than panels made from traditional roofing material. Fiberglass panels do not provide the level of impact resistance and storm proofing that polycarbonate roof panels offer. In fact, polycarbonate plastic is said to be 20 times stronger than most traditional roofing systems made from fiberglass. Polycarbonate roof material […]

ABS VS Polycarbonate

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polycarbonate (ABS Vs Polycarbonate) are commonly used in applications where high impact resistance is required. Items that carry heavy duty items, or that experience a great deal of wear and tear benefit from being made of either Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or Polycarbonate. For instance, many types of luggage are comprised […]

Polycarbonate Properties

The words durable and tough have been used countless times to describe the properties of polycarbonate plastic material. PC Polycarbonates are thermoplastics that are known for being nearly impact resistant and stronger than glass. Bullet proofing material and weather proof glazing for windows have been comprised of some element of polycarbonate since versions of it […]

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polymershapes has high quality polycarbonate sheets from the worlds leading polycarbonate manufacturers. We stock clear polycarbonate sheet, as well as white polycarbonate sheets. Gray and Bronze are color options. You may call 866-43-PSHAPES (77427) to order cut to size polycarbonate sheets. In addition to offering exceptionally low prices on polycarbonate sheets, and Lexan sheets, Polymershapes […]

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

Polycarbonate hurricane panels are preferred over wood, and other types protective panels when storms are close. Clear polycarbonate sheet has been used as polycarbonate hurricane shutters and boards, since polycarbonate was shown to be incredibly tough and impact resistant. Some manufacturers have even capitalized on strong, tough polycarbonate and even came out with entire trademarked […]