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Acrylic Sheet Suppliers Set To Experience Huge Growth

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Acrylic sheet suppliers are responsible for providing clear, versatile plastic materials to companies in a wide array of industries. The material has been popular for years. But recent changes in the industry and beyond have increased demand even more. 

If you’re in the plastics industry or want to learn more about the evolving market for acrylic sheets, here’s a guide to the current trends. 

Industry Demands Are Increasing for This Versatile Material

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on nearly every industry. And plastic is no exception. When it comes to acrylic sheet suppliers, the change has largely been an increase in demand. And that trend is likely to continue in the coming year as businesses continue to adjust to changed working conditions. 

These changes are mainly due to the exponential market growth for transparent partitions. Businesses, government agencies, and organizations in a wide array of industries have invested in these materials throughout the year to improve safety conditions and keep their facilities clean and sanitized. Basically, these partitions can be installed over counters where workers complete transactions or converse with customers, or even around workstations or customer areas. So it allows them to easily communicate with one another as they would in a face-to-face setting. But the partition prevents the direct transfer of germs from one person to another. 

In 2020, these acrylic partitions grew exponentially in popularity toward the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential businesses like grocery stores and healthcare facilities were able to get a hold of these materials quickly and use them to slow the spread of germs and make their facilities safer so they could remain open and serve those who truly needed their products and services. 

After that initial surge, the industry continued to see growth. More and more businesses started reopening once COVID-19 cases started going down and government restrictions were lifted. So businesses that had initially been deemed non-essential and were either closed or operating remotely began returning to in-person operations. Retail stores, banks, and offices that provide services to the public purchased and installed acrylic sheets over their countertops or in between workstations to make reopening safer and easier for everyone involved. 

Even though many companies and organizations already have plastic partitions installed, there’s plenty of room for growth left in the industry. Lots of businesses are still allowing employees to telework or complete some of their operations remotely. As those teams return to work or perform more of their functions in-person, they’re likely to invest in plastic partitions as well. 

Additionally, the past year has brought increasing attention to the idea of adding an extra layer of protection to workplaces. Even once the pandemic has passed, there are still other germs and potential health effects of completing transactions or interacting with the public face-to-face on a large scale. So acrylic sheet suppliers can continue providing the necessary materials to combat other diseases and keep workplaces cleaner and healthier. These partitions can also keep workplaces safer from issues like theft and violence by providing a simple barrier over sensitive areas. Overall, it seems like the skyrocketing demand that acrylic sheet suppliers experienced over the past year is only likely to continue in 2021 and beyond. 

Industries That Will Utilize Acrylic Sheet Suppliers

Nearly every type of business can utilize acrylic sheets in some way. Not only do they provide an easy and customizable way to prevent or slow the spread of germs, but they can also enhance security in certain instances. 

Franchises and small businesses have increasingly utilized acrylic sheets this year. For example, retail storefronts and food service businesses can install these materials over their checkout desks or customer service areas to carry out transactions safely. Since these solutions are fairly affordable, they’re accessible even to companies with limited budgets. 

In government buildings, acrylic sheet suppliers can provide protection in more ways than one. They can provide sneeze guards in between workers and members of the public in offices where people come to ask questions or complete transactions. They can also be used to enhance security or even to decrease face-to-face contact in internal settings. 

Even offices like call centers can utilize products like acrylic sheets to enhance health and safety. These buildings don’t often welcome many members of the public inside. But they do require multiple employees to share workspaces that are generally in close proximity to one another. Since these businesses often provide essential customer service functions and utilize special equipment that can only be accessed in the physical office, the ability for employees to work together safely is important. So acrylic sheet suppliers can provide the materials needed for companies to install clear barriers around these workstations. This still allows for team members to easily communicate with one another, but limits the amount of face-to-face interaction occurring on a daily basis. 

Hospitals and medical offices can also greatly benefit from installing acrylic sheets in their facilities. Even aside from the current pandemic, these buildings often welcome people who are dealing with potentially contagious diseases. So putting up protective systems can keep those working in the checkout or customer service areas healthy, which in turn prevents the spread of those germs to other visitors. 

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