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Atlanta Plastics

Atlanta is both the capital of Georgia and the most populated city within the state. With an estimated population of around 490,000 people, Atlanta is the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. The city was originally founded because it was the last stop of a major state-sponsored railroad, which is why its name is derived from the Western and Atlantic Railroad’s local depot. During the Civil War, Atlanta was nearly burned to the ground during General Sherman’s famous March to the Sea. But much like the fabled phoenix, the city rose from the ashes to become a booming center of commerce and unofficial capital of the “New South.”

Atlanta is now an important city that retains moderate impact on global commerce, research, education, art, media, entertainment and technology. Raking in a gross domestic product of around $350 billion, the city ranks in the top twenty among world cities and tenth in the nation. Combining dominant sectors in transportation, professional services, logistics, media operations, medical service and information technology, Atlanta’s economy is considered diverse. And with so many industries growing and thriving within the city, Polymershapes is proud to be a major Atlanta plastics provider.

For over 70 years, Polymershapes has been a premier distributor of plastic rod, sheet, tube, film and other associated products throughout the nation. Our vast network of stocking facilities is located throughout the Americas, which enables us to provide same day delivery our superior plastics products to many areas nation-wide. We even offer expert conversion capabilities to our clientele, like film reel conversion, CNC routing and cut-to-size sheets. Polymershapes also offers services in product cutting, precision machining, thermoforming and bench fabrication to meet a variety of needs.

Although Atlanta plastics may most often be associated with industrial and manufacturing industries, Polymershapes serves a much wider breadth of consumer. Our fabrics and textiles are used to create the latest fashions; our blast and wind resistant security glazing is often installed in banking institutions; and our low-density polyethylene is a great material for forming soft casts in the medical field.

Even if your Atlanta organization doesn’t require plastics, Polymershapes offers recycling services that can help your business achieve environmental goals. We offer services in recycling to help our customers manage waste more effectively and economically. And through our nationwide branch network, it’s never been easier or more convenient to recycle your plastic scrap quickly and easily.

As a trusted Atlanta plastics provider, we’re proud to serve a diverse and expanding community. At Polymershapes, our customer is at the center of all we do!