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Attributes and Applications: Custom Cut — PETG

Acrylic and polycarbonate are two popular plastic materials known for their visual clarity and impact resistance. If you need a clear sheet that is stronger than glass but still offers near-full transparency, you’re likely to think of one of these two options first. But there is another material that offers many of the same attributes, with some additional benefits as well. Custom cut PETG sheets have a unique set of benefits making them a great option.

custom cut petg sheets

PETG, or Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, is another clear thermoplastic that offers good impact resistance and can be used in place of glass in various applications. And custom cut PETG sheets offer easy usability, since you can install the perfectly sized sheet into your applications right away. PETG may also be known by the trade names VIVAK from Plaskolite, or Prime PETG from Primex. 

If you’re looking for something that falls between acrylic and polycarbonate on the impact resistance scale, custom cut PETG sheets may offer the perfect solution. Here’s a guide to this material and its potential applications. 

Attributes of PETG Sheets

Impact resistance is one of the most notable attributes of PETG sheets. The material falls between acrylic and polycarbonate on the impact resistance scale. For reference, acrylic sheets are often around 10 times more impact resistant than glass. The exact level can vary based on size and gauge, but the material is generally better at avoiding breakage in everyday situations. On the other end of the spectrum is polycarbonate, which can be around 200 times more impact resistance than glass. This material is often used in powerful security applications like armored vehicles or bullet resistant windows and doors. 

For those who need something in between these two levels of impact resistance, there’s PETG. This clear thermoplastic has up to 70 percent of the impact strength of polycarbonate. So it can provide enough protection in a huge array of applications. But it isn’t so thick and bulky. So it’s often easier and more efficient to work with. 

In addition to its impact strength, PETG offers versatility thanks to easy thermoforming. The material can be heated and put into a mold, heat bent, and even vacuum molded. So it’s easy to get this material in an array of shapes and forms. This is another area where PETG stands out over other materials like polycarbonate, which tend to be more rigid and less tolerant of these processes. 

Benefits of Custom Cut PETG Sheets

So why might someone opt for custom cut PETG sheets over other materials like acrylic and polycarbonate? First of all, budget is an essential element for companies to consider. And PETG is one of the most cost effective solutions available for those needing clear, impact resistant sheets. PETG is also capable of achieving deep draws in thermoforming applications, or when intricate details are needed. It is also more impact resistant than acrylic for everyday applications. But it’s not quite as heavy duty as polycarbonate. So if you’re looking for durability but don’t need something quite as strong as the material used for armored vehicles, PETG offers the perfect blend of strength and practicality. 

Beyond the qualities of the material, custom cut PETG sheets offer plenty of practical benefits, since you receive sheets in the exact sizes needed for your precise applications. Simply determine the dimensions needed for your application, whether it’s a panel for an interior building application or a sheet for protection in an electrical box enclosure. Then you get the exact width and length needed as soon as the material is delivered, meaning you don’t need any expensive conversion equipment and your team doesn’t need to focus on finding off-site fabrication centers to provide these services. 

When looking for suppliers for your custom cut PETG sheets, look for those with cutting edge equipment that offer tight tolerances, so you can ensure that your measurements are precise and accurate.  You also want to maximize the yield of your cut sheets, especially if you’re purchasing a large amount, since this can reduce waste and cost. Edge finishing services can also ensure your custom cut PETG sheets are ready for immediate use. 

Applications of Custom Cut PETG Sheets

PETG is a popular choice for retail displays. Being highly impact resistant, it can withstand the high traffic of a retail store display, while also maintaining its clarity and visual appeal. Because it is easily thermoformed or die-cut, PETG also allows designers the freedom to create their most innovative displays.

Custom cut PETG sheets can even be printed or painted, making them ideal for signs and graphics applications. The mix of printing, painting, and clear material can create a unique look that makes retail stores and other businesses stand out. 

PETG is common in the construction industry. Just like acrylic and polycarbonate, it can be used in place of glass in areas where extra impact strength is needed. The material is best suited for interior applications. But it can provide exceptional visual clarity in an array of rooms and facilities. 

In the energy industry, PETG is often used in the construction of enclosures for various equipment. For example, it offers a clear panel so utility providers can easily see into electrical boxes, while still protecting the equipment from vandalism and extreme weather conditions. 

PETG also meets FDA requirements for food contact. This makes it a safe material for use in food beverage packaging, as well as conveying equipment in production or packaging facilities. 

These are just a few of the potential applications for custom cut PETG sheets. The material is incredibly versatile. So if you’re ever looking for a clear material with impact resistance between acrylic and polycarbonate, keep PETG in mind. 

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