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Attributes and Applications – Expanded Foam PVC

If you’re in the market for any new signage or display products, you should know about expanded foam PVC. This material is one of the most commonly used plastics for these purposes. A quick look at its properties will surely help you understand why. 

Within this category and even beyond it, expanded foam PVC can serve many purposes. And it has several qualities that make it well suited for these various uses. Gaining a full understanding of the material’s attributes and applications may help companies make more informed decisions regarding their plastic products. For those interested, here’s a full rundown of expanded foam PVC. 

What Is Expanded Foam PVC?

Expanded foam PVC is made of closed-cell polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of plastic that is generally sold in rigid, opaque sheets that have hard edges. However, they have a soft feel and are surprisingly lightweight, which is where the expanded foam part comes from. 

You may also know expanded PVC by the brand names that it is generally sold under. Sintra is the largest and most well known of these brands. However, it is also sold under the names Komatex and Celtec. Though the specific forms and properties of each of these products may vary slightly, the general qualities of this material are fairly standard across each of these brands. 

Attributes of Expanded Foam PVC

Expanded foam PVC sheets are rigid sheets of plastic with a matte, opaque finish. They can come in a variety of thicknesses and colors, depending on the specific needs of each company or consumer. So if you need a large sign or one that has three dimensional elements that really stand out, you can order it in a thick size. If you need smaller signage that can be easily transported, thinner dimensions may work better. And of course, you can find it in the specific colors that match your branding or decor elements. 

The material is also durable. Like many plastics, it holds up well against daily wear and doesn’t easily show signs of damage. This makes it particularly well suited for those that need their plastic materials to last for long periods of time in indoor environments. 

Expanded foam PVC is also known for being lightweight. These boards can be easily carried and transported from place to place. This makes them perfect for those that need signage or display products for trade shows or special events. You can also very easily set them up or install them in a traditional store. 

Finally, expanded PVC is fairly easy to fabricate. It can be cut into shapes, making it perfect for signage and displays that fit into a specified area or even those that outline specific letters or silhouettes. Some even choose to have letters cut out of the material to make three dimensional signage for storefronts or displays. The material can also be sawed, drilled, bent, and fabricated without breaking. Basically, whatever vision you have for your displays can be easily achieved with expanded foam PVC. 

Applications of Expanded Foam PVC

As mentioned previously, expanded foam PVC is most often used in the sign and graphics industry. The variety of colors and fabrication methods that are approved for use with it make it incredibly versatile. This allows you to achieve a very specific visual direction with this material. Additionally, each sheet or piece of material can be altered for additional versatility once it has been cut into a particular size and shape. Specifically, the material can be painted, laminated, printed, formed, and updated with vinyl lettering. 

More specifically, expanded foam PVC sheets have been incredibly popular in trade show exhibits and special promotional events. It’s especially helpful in these instances because of its durability and lightness; these qualities make it easy to transport and set up in various destinations. And you generally don’t need to worry about it getting seriously damaged during transit or setup. 

However, it can also be used in more permanent locations like point-of-purchase displays at retail stores. In fact, the material is ideally suited for long-term interior applications, since it is durable enough to stand up against normal daily wear but not especially well suited for exterior applications. So if a business wants to create permanent signage for their checkout area or specific product displays, this material may provide the perfect solution. 

Outside of the print and graphics industry, expanded foam PVC can be used in nearly any other application where a rigid, opaque, lightweight board may come in handy. For example, builders and construction companies can use it in the creation of templates for remodeling projects, like those used to lay out the space for new countertops or cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms. And companies in various industries are finding creative new uses for the material on a daily basis. 

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