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Baltimore, Washington DC Plastics

The Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area is formed by the overlapping labor market region of Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. The region is also made up of central Maryland, Northern Virginia, three counties in West Virginia and a county in South Central Pennsylvania. Combined, the region contains the most education and highest-earning population in the country.

The primary industries in Baltimore, Washington DC are biotechnology and defense contracting. Because of its close proximity to the Pentagon, defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Booz Allen Hamilton are located in the area. As a premier Baltimore, Washington DC plastics provider, Polymershapes provides a variety of products for defense and protection.

One of the most demanding applications for plastics is vehicle armor. Whether it’s used by military forces or government entities, a key requirement for superior performance is the armored glazing applied to vehicle windows. Critical for both protection and visibility, this glazing must stand up to harsh conditions and environments. Just like the rest of the vehicle, the windows must resist direct fire, a large blast and residual fragments. Polymershapes works with our clients to select the perfect glazing for their project. We can also provide a range of solutions that are specifically engineered to provide exceptional optical quality, despite thick lamination or low-visibility. We provide exceptional service to ensure that armored vehicle operators can perform their jobs effectively.

However, not all Baltimore, Washington DC plastics clientele are military-related. Polymershapes also offers services in defense plastics for corporations and cash-in-transit companies. Our Insulgard Security Products business line is specially formulated to provide versatile, multi-tiered security products to offer physical protection to your property and personnel. From glazing materials, opaque armor, deal trays, speak-thru devices, framing systems and more, we can help protect your possessions while also being an effective deterrent for thieves. Our bullet, wind and impact resistant products are specially designed and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and high levels of debris impact.

Because we have stocking facilities located throughout the nation, we can offer special services to meet our client’s unique needs. From custom-designed solutions for your specific ballistic needs to same day shipping in most areas, Polymershapes is an ideal Baltimore, Washington DC plastics provider.