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Birmingham Plastics

Birmingham, Alabama is the most populated city in the state. Founded during the post-Civil War reconstruction era, the city was a primary industrial hub of the southern United States. From iron and steel manufacturing to railroad car production, the incredible growth from 1881 to 1920 earned Birmingham the nicknames “The Magic City” and “The Pittsburgh of the South.” Towards the latter half of the twentieth century, the economy diversified from manufacturing to banking, telecommunications, medical care, insurance, higher education and transportation. Now, Birmingham ranks as one of the largest banking centers in the nation.

Polymershapes has been providing exceptional plastic products for over seventy years, and our stocking facility in The Magic City makes us a premier provider of Birmingham plastics. With such a large banking industry comes demand for bulletproof security windows, doors, enclosures and glazing. And at Polymershapes, we provide the best in the business.

We offer a line of Insulgard Security Products that provide our clients with a versatile, multi-tiered line of glazing materials, opaque armor, transaction windows, package passers and more. Our products are specially designed to protect your property and personnel from glass fragments caused by explosions, bullets, extreme weather or other high impact debris. Our line of architectural security products – like framing systems and speak-thru devices – are specially designed to blend in and enhance your interior environments. We employ great care to ensure that the security of your business and employees will not interfere with your customer’s experience.

Our line of Insulgard products offer custom-designed solutions for your ballistic protection needs. All of our bullet resistant products and systems are specially designed to meet UL 752 standards. And they’re suitable for all government facilities, commercial buildings and any other location that may be exposed to ballistic or explosive threats.

As a trusted Birmingham plastics provider, Polymershapes takes great care in ensuring the protection of your workplace. Learn more about our high-quality security products here.