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Boston Plastics

The most populated city in New England, Boston is also one of the oldest in the nation. Founded by Puritan settlers in 1630, a number of key events happened in the area during the American Revolution, including the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston. After gaining independence from Great Britain, Boston continued to be an important hub of commerce and industry, becoming a major manufacturing center as well as a haven for education and culture.

Today, Boston’s many colleges and universities make the city an international center of higher education, with many students studying subjects in law, business, engineering and medicine. The city is also considered a world leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, and its economic base is comprised of finance, professional, biotech, information technology and government industries.

Polymershapes has been a premier provider of plastics for over seventy years. And with a stocking facility located in nearby Tyngsboro, we’re proud to be a major supplier of Boston plastics. Our impressive inventory serves the multiple industries within Boston. Our products can be used for chemical processing, medical packaging, orthotics and sterilization trays for the healthcare field. The transportation industry creates demand for our automotive, aerospace, bus and rail, heavy equipment and recreational vehicle products. Arts and entertainment studios utilize our movie studio and sound stage stock, pop display products and even our printing and graphics services.

From manufacturing greenhouses to golf cart windshields, Polymershapes is a trusted provider of Boston plastics. But that’s not all we do. We also offer fabrication services to a variety of industries that require production cutting, precision machining, thermoforming or bench fabrication. Our Computerized Numeric Control production saws are located in all fabrication facilities and allow our craftsmen to cut with tighter tolerances. They can also use multiple sheeting stacking for higher volume production which reduces turn time as well as part optimization, increasing maximum yield while reducing waste and minimizing cost to the consumer.

In addition to fabrication, Polymershapes also offers recycling services to help our clientele meet their organization’s environmental goals. Our personnel can help you manage your Boston plastics scrap quickly and easily, to save you both effort and expense in managing your plastic waste.

No matter the industry, Polymershapes strives to provide the best quality plastics products available on the market today. Check out our extensive inventory today.