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Cedar Rapids Plastics

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the second-largest city in Iowa and sits on both banks of the Cedar River. The city serves as a haven for arts and culture in Eastern Iowa, with the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Paramount Theatre, Orchestra Iowa and Theatre Cedar Rapids. However, it’s also considered one of the largest cities in the world for corn processing. Grain processing provides jobs to thousands of city inhabitants, and the popular Quaker Oats mill dominates the north side of downtown.

As a premier Cedar Rapids plastics provider, Polymershapes is responsible for providing these industries with the plastics necessary for production. Food and beverage processing alone require a number of food safe plastics that have been certified by the FDA, USDA, NSF or 3-A Dairy. Polymershapes provides a variety of plastics that are used in food and beverage preparation and processing, including manifold and distributor valves; bushings, bearings and insulators; chain belt guides and rails; conveyor components, wear pads and strips; scraper blades, mixing paddles and cams; and funnels, chutes and conveyors. All of these components are most often used in grain processing, which makes Polymershapes an ideal Cedar Rapids plastics provider.

But we also provide products to the city’s flourishing arts and culture scene. Customers throughout the entertainment industry rely on our innovative solutions, expertise and fabrication services to bring their visions to life. From sets and special effects to props, displays, signs and more. Our Cedar Rapids plastics facility provides an extensive portfolio of materials that can be used by the arts and entertainment sectors to create visually stunning pieces. From polycarbonate or acrylic sheets to energy-saving LED lights to UV-based inkjet printing media, our products enable imaginations to soar.

In addition to our extensive inventory of plastics products, Polymershapes also offers a number of fabrication services. From production cutting and thermoforming to precision machining and bench fabrication, our personnel are happy to help customize your plastics product to fit your specific needs.

As a premier Cedar Rapids plastics provider, Polymershapes is proud to serve a diverse and growing community. From processing and manufacturing to arts and theater, our plastics have been used to further industry and success in the Cedar Rapids area.