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Charleston Plastics

Charleston, South Carolina is the largest and oldest city in the state. Founded in 1670, the city was named in honor of King Charles II of England, but adopted its present spelling and incorporation as a city after the Revolutionary War. Renowned for its beautiful architecture, distinguished restaurants, rich history and welcoming people, Charleston is a popular tourist destination. It’s been called “America’s Most Friendly City” by Travel + Leisure, and also the most polite and hospital city in the nation by Southern Living Magazine.

It’s location on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean make the city a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, and Polymershapes is proud to be a local Charleston plastics provider. The development of watercraft plastic products requires special care to ensure the duration of boats, jet skis and other water craft. From resistance to everything from saltwater and corrosion to ultraviolet light, Polymershapes offers a wide variety of solutions that are crafted specifically to replace marine plywoods, laminates and metals. Whether it be hatches, walkways, counters of cabinets, there are lots of materials on boats and watercraft that are exposed to harsh marine environments. Polymershapes plastics can meet and exceed your needs for durability, toughness, optical clarity, resistance to weathering and more.

But we don’t just stop at water sports. If you’re visiting Charleston to golf, hike or cycle, Polymershapes plastics are also used to create high quality sports equipment. Our products are durable and long lasting, allowing you to get out and enjoy the SC weather.

In addition to plastics production, Polymershapes is also committed to preserving our beautiful oceans and environment by offering recycling services. No matter the industry, we’re all responsible for protecting the environment for future generations. We help with the responsible recycling of Charleston plastics by offering a simple and customizable solution to your business’s recycling needs. We can provide containers for depositing scrap, and will haul them away when full. We’ll then provide you with a fresh, new container and process the plastic scrap into new materials.

For over seventy years, Polymershapes has been a premier provider of innovative plastic products. We’re proud to provide Charleston plastics to a number of bustling industries, and provide services to keep the city a beautiful tourist destination.