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Columbia Plastics

Columbia is the state capital and second largest city in South Carolina. It is also home to Fort Jackson, the largest United States Army installation for basic combat training. It is the largest and most active entry training center in the U.S. Army, training around 50% of all soldiers entering the army each year. The fort’s primary mission is to provide the Army with new soldiers. Over 30,000 potential soldiers attend basic training each year, and 8,000 advanced soldiers train at Fort Jackson annually.

Columbia Plastics Provider

Polymershapes is a trusted name in plastics, and has been for over seventy years. With a stocking facility in the area, we’re proud to be a premier provider of Columbia plastics. Although our high-quality products are used in a variety of industries, we also specialize in creating products for defense.

Armored Vehicles

Whether used by military forces, cash-in-transit companies or corporations, armored vehicles have become one of the most demanding applications for plastics. The most important factor in reaching optimal performance is actually armored glazing for windows, as its critical for both protection and visibility. Windows are required to be resilient enough to stand up to blasts, direct fire and harsh environments, while still allowing occupants to see clearly. At Polymershapes, we can provide a range of products engineered specifically to provide excellent optimal quality, despite thick laminations and low visibility.

Bullet/Blast Resistant Products

In addition to protecting vehicles, Polymershapes also provides a line of products specifically engineered to offer multi-tiered security solutions. From opaque armor and transaction windows to package passers, deal trays and counterline systems, our Insulgard Security Products are designed to protect your business and its occupants from explosions, bullets and extreme weather.

Our bullet and blast resistant materials are designed to protect your assets. By absorbing the energy generated by an explosion or gun shot, our products minimize injury by lessening the possibility of fragmentation. Our architectural security products – like doors, framing systems and windows – are designed to blend in or enhance your existing infrastructure. We work hard to ensure our Columbia plastics provide exceptional protection without interfering the with customer experience.

When it comes to our customers, they’re the center of all we do. Which is why we go great lengths to ensure our products offer superior protection.