Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Polymershapes puts customer service at the center of all that we do. To continually delight our customers, we have created a culture of empowerment, integrity and team spirit that encourages our employees to make the best decisions for their business. At Polymershapes, all of our 80 locations operate as independent businesses, with each employee playing an integral role in their team’s success. An emphasis on both professional and personal growth through succession planning is the key factor that transforms a job at Polymershapes into a career. Come fuel your future and join our team today!

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Ryan Bay

General Manager, Vancouver

Why did I choose Polymershapes? Hmmm. What is it that you’re looking for in an occupation? Is it money, is it experience, is it new challenges or are you searching for something deeper – purpose. The reason I ask is simple, I was searching for the same meaning 12 years ago when I stumbled upon Polymershapes on At that time I was thinking about occupational impact, I was thinking about occupational fit and most importantly, I was thinking about occupational fulfillment. If you find yourself staring outside the west-facing window of your cubicle wondering what an occupation with fit, impact and fulfillment feels like, have a listen to the following.

Twelve years ago I started at a company called Polymershapes and didn’t have a clue what a performance plastic was. Was it plastic cutlery? Was it those bags that go over your dry cleaning? I remember I had just returned from backpacking in Europe and needed to generate some income quickly – did submitting a resume to Polymershapes ever turn out to be one of the luckiest days of my life. What I discovered was a job that developed into a life-altering career – the proverbial house to a home. I’ll assume you’re asking the same question I did when I walked through the door on day one, what’s a performance plastic? Imagine working on new bushings going into wind turbine development, high optic and coated materials that become the latest in heavy equipment window production, bullet resistant materials that keep many of our front line professionals safe or just being a part of the specification process for materials going into your favorite retailer. Imagine you get to do all this in a day and you get to do it with a great group of friends. Why did I choose to work at Polymershapes? I didn’t. Why did I choose to stay at Polymershapes? Because I wanted a career with fit, fulfillment and impact! Who wouldn’t want to change the world with a great group of friends!

Hollie Lane

Outside Sales, Dallas

I chose to work for Polymershapes because at my previous job, they were my favorite customers! With over 10 branches being in my territory, each general manager made time for me and treated me with the upmost respect. I could tell that it was a company-wide decision, to hire incredible people. I think other people should work at Polymershapes because you surround yourself with people who are willing to help you grow your career and help you grow as a person. Polymershapes invests a lot into their employees and it shows!

Ashley Milburn

Inside Sales, Raleigh

The thought of graduating from college and looking for a company that I wanted to start my career in sales with was daunting. Then I heard of Polymershapes and I knew this is where I wanted to be. I chose to work at Polymershapes because of the great people who make up the company and the products that we sell. The plastics industry is not glamorous but I love that I get to provide a solution that can help so many people.

Polymershapes truly cares about their employees. They do everything to help you succeed both professionally and personally. They also have one of the best training programs around that has me learning new things every day and keeps me on my toes. The culture of integrity, empowerment, along with the great team environment in the office makes me excited to come to work and be the best I can be. It’s a great company that I enjoy working with.

Ashleigh Johnston

Inside Sales, Atlanta

When I first heard about Polymershapes, my first initial reaction was this opportunity is too good to be true! I have worked my way from the bottom to the top of both private and Fortune 500 companies, all of which claim to put their customers and employees first and foster a community of shared encouragement and growth. However, it was rare that their founding values and everyday practices actually aligned with these claims. Polymershapes truly does this!

From the moment I started with Polymershapes, I have been immersed in a diverse, fast-paced and growing environment with an incredible community of people. From the obvious wins like great benefits and a wonderful work life balance, it has also been incredibly enriching to be challenged each day, while also having the autonomy to problem solve and be solution focused on your own. I firmly believe that “happy people work hard” and “happy customers foster growth” and Polymershapes is the first company I have seen truly be able to illustrate these beliefs and values. I am very excited to be a part of the Polymershapes team, especially during such an influential time for the world market during COVID19. I look forward to what the future will bring for our company!

Katie Thayer

Inside Sales, Atlanta

Why I work at Polymershapes is because I am just not a number. The culture at Polymershapes is positive which encourages growth in my personal and professional life.  Work life balance is a real thing at Polymershapes. I look forward to my future at Polymershapes. I am happy that I took a risk to change my career.

Olivia Koperek

Outside Sales, Providence

One of my favorite things about working for Polymershapes is the company culture as a whole and at the branch level. Everyone I have had the opportunity to work with is focused on personal and professional growth and is so helpful and genuinely interested in assisting others in their development. I love working a sales role in the profit share model as well.

It eliminates a lot of unhealthy internal competition that is typical in an individual commission based sales role. Everyone is truly working as a team and it makes things more efficient and provides a higher level of customer service that sets us significantly above our competition. The company has great benefits and is genuinely supportive of and encourages personal and professional development. There are always trainings and educational opportunities aimed at professional development that cover diverse topics and strategies such as product knowledge, sales techniques, and creating value for our customers.