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Still Open For Business – How Polymershapes Is Fighting Coronavirus with Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses and facilities scrambling to improve safety in their locations. Acrylic sneeze guards from Polymershapes provide a quick and practical solution for keeping employees and members of the public safer when they have to venture out for essential goods and services. 

Polymershapes can help your organization create the solution that’s best for your specific needs, from quick ready-to-install systems to custom fabricated sneeze guards that fit your space perfectly. If you’re in the market for solutions that can help your organization meet the mounting challenges surrounding social distancing and safety during this time, here’s what you should know about implementing our CoronaGuard line of protective solutions.

What Are Acrylic Sneeze Guards?

Essentially, sneeze guards are thin plastic barriers that provide separation between employees and customers or members of the public during the checkout process or any in-person assistance. These products utilize impact resistant materials that offer crystal clarity. So employees and customers can clearly see through the barriers, speak, and interact without issue. 

There are a variety of materials and design options available to meet the current needs of businesses and organizations. However, acrylic offers an incredibly clear, versatile, and lightweight option that’s perfect for implementing quickly and efficiently. You could also opt to create completely custom solutions that provide protection in a way that fits seamlessly with the current design and structure of your location.

What Types of Sneeze Guards Are Available?

More specifically, Polymershapes offers four basic options for businesses looking to quickly install sneeze guards at their locations: framed adjustable models, frameless surface mounts, hanging panels, and freestanding versions. You can also work with us to create customized solutions that fit the exact needs of your current location and operations. If you’re looking for a fast solution for improving safety for essential workers, here are the main options available: 

  • Framed adjustable sneeze guards include a clear shield that comes in custom sizes, but often measures 24” x 32” and can be adjusted to allow flush mount to the countertop or to allow for a small pass-through area underneath. These systems can be installed simply using double-sided adhesive or pre-drilled holes in the aluminum frame, so you can determine how permanent you want the solution to be.
  • Frameless surface mounts are any size shields that include a 90-degree bend at base. This allows for easy mounting directly to the countertop or surface at the base using either double sided adhesive or pre-drilled holes for a more permanent solution. You can also use multiple panels side by side if you need wider coverage for a larger countertop area. 
  • Hanging panels offer the same sized panel and level of visual clarity. However, this option comes with holes drilled into the top of the shield to easily suspend it from above. You simply use chains and hooks to install over a countertop or reception area. You can also use multiple panels side-by-side for wider coverage. 
  • And finally, freestanding panels offer easy installation that requires no tools. You can simply set them up over a counter or customer service desk. Like the other options, they measure 24” x 32” and offer crystal clarity. They’re also lightweight, impact resistant, and easy to clean and sanitize. 

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Acrylic SneezeGuards?

Basically, any business or organization that has employees who may need to interact with members of the public can benefit from these products. Currently, essential businesses are the most likely to need solutions quickly. For example, grocery stores can set up panels between checkout personnel and customers, and healthcare centers can use them to separate the reception area from the waiting room. 

Your specific operations may impact which type of sneeze guard you need. For example, if your employees need to be able to accept payments or pass items to customers, then a top-mounted or adjustable panel  that allows for some clearance may be beneficial. However, if you just want a temporary solution that you can set up right away, a freestanding panel or one that attaches with adhesive may be preferred. 

Even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses could potentially benefit from acrylic sneeze guards. They provide an easy solution for maintaining a sanitized and safe working area without having a negative impact on communication between customers and employees. Once some non-essential businesses and organizations begin opening again, installing these solutions as a safeguard may help them maintain high safety standards for both employees and customers or members of the public. 

How Can I Get Acrylic Sneeze Guards for My Operations?

If you’re interested in making use of acrylic sneeze guards for your business or organization, contact Polymershapes for a quote today. Our CoronaGuard solutions include an array of partitions and barriers that can be installed in minutes or customized to your individual needs. We’ve also developed face masks and protection equipment specifically for hospitals and healthcare centers. 

Additionally, our Dayton fabrication center is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals who are available to respond quickly and provide your business or healthcare facility with the solutions you need right away. We also have access to state of the art equipment like CNC machines, polishers, and thermoforming equipment to customize materials for your operations. During a pandemic, fast responses and customizable solutions are paramount for maintaining high safety standards, so visit our website to request a free quote for materials and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.