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Attributes and Applications: Custom Cut — Foam PVC

Custom cut foam PVC is an incredibly versatile plastic material. It can be utilized in various industries, but is especially common in the production of signs and graphics. 

custom cut foam pvc

Foam PVC offers tons of high performance attributes that make it ideal for signs and similar applications. And the ability to have this material custom cut to your exact dimensional needs adds even more value to the transaction. 

If you’re looking for high performance plastic materials for signs, graphics, or any other applications, here’s what you should know about custom cut foam PVC. 

Attributes of Foam PVC

Foam PVC is actually shorthand for expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride. It is also referred to as ePVC, or by the brand names SINTRA by 3A Composites, Komatex, Palight, or Celtec.This plastic material normally comes in sheet form. These sheets are rigid and usually have a matte finish. Custom cut foam PVC sheets can be made in a variety of colors, and the color is consistent throughout the sheet. This means if the material gets cut or scratched, it shouldn’t be obvious that there’s an imperfection since the material beneath is the exact same shade. 

One of the most notable attributes of foam PVC is that it’s so lightweight. Since it is a foam based material, the plastic contains tiny pockets of air that decrease the density significantly. This makes it especially easy to work with and install. It can also be used in mobile signs and displays where the materials need to be transported from one location to another quickly and easily. 

Another valuable attribute of expanded foam PVC is its versatility. It comes in a huge array of colors and sizes. So it can be made to your exact specifications. It can also be routed, die cut in gauges up to 5mm, or even cut with a knife or blade. This makes it both visually appealing and easy to fit into existing signage or other applications. 

Benefits of Custom Cut Foam PVC

All the attributes listed above make foam PVC a perfect material for signs and displays. But custom cut foam PVC goes beyond that, since it is able to be quickly and easily customized to your needs. 

Foam PVC is known for being particularly easy to fabricate. The material is heat formable and can be screen or digitally printed. And the wide array of colors available make it particularly easy to customize to your exact visual specifications. 

Once you have all of the above visual elements customized, it’s time to select the proper sizing. Foam PVC is available in an array of gauges. So you can opt for thin sheets for two-dimensional signs or thick material for more three-dimensional graphics. Thin sheets can easily be cut with thin blades or even die cut in bulk. Thicker pieces can be cut to size as well. And you might even get them in specific shapes for applications like dimensional lettering. Receiving this material already cut to fit your specific applications saves organizations time and money. There’s no need for expensive conversion equipment. And your team can focus on other things instead of ensuring your plastic materials are cut to fit your applications. 

Once your PVC foam sheets have been custom cut and printed to your specific needs, the material can also be incredibly long-lasting and durable. It is well suited for interior uses, like displays inside retail stores or at special events. n these settings, foam PVC can hold up well for years without showing obvious signs of wear, damage, or fading 

Applications for Custom Cut Foam PVC

Custom cut foam PVC can be used in any applications that need a lightweight, easy to fabricate material. But it is most common in the signs and graphics industry. 

Since the material can easily be printed and is available in a huge array of colors and gauges, it’s perfect for printed signs that are to be displayed indoors. It’s more durable than paper and cardstock. So businesses often use the material for signage or graphics that they want displayed for prolonged periods. For example, retail stores often use it in their point-of-purchase displays. 

In thicker gauges, foam PVC can also be used to create dimensional lettering signs. For example, a store may have a three-dimensional sign that displays its name and tagline over the checkout area. The material is cut in the shape of each letter, so the signage really stands out. 

Custom cut foam PVC is also light enough to travel, making it an ideal option for trade show displays. Businesses can easily set up graphics directing people to their booth or sharing information about the company. The material can even offer enough dimensional stability to include some extra features on signs, like brochure holders or 3D lettering. And since foam PVC is so durable, these displays are likely to hold up through many shows, rather than paper or cardboard signage that may need to be replaced after each one. 

These are just a few of the areas where custom cut foam PVC shines. It can also be used on sound stages, as countertop and construction templates, or nearly any application that needs a lightweight, versatile material that’s easy to cut and form.  

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