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Custom Plastic Fabrication Companies – How Polymershapes Is A Leader In Coronavirus Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a major impact on nearly every industry, and the plastics field is no exception. Custom plastic fabrication companies have really stepped up during this time to provide sensible solutions that provide real protections for medical facilities, businesses, and essential workers. 

Custom plastic fabrication companies create partitions, dividers, plastic panels, & barriers for public transportation, buses, and mass transit.

Polymershapes is a leader in coronavirus response because of a wide array of quality plastic solutions developed quickly and effectively to improve conditions for those working on the front lines of the pandemic. Some of these solutions include sneeze guards for retail and customer service centers, face shields for medical professionals working on the front lines, and partitions to aid facilities in maintaining social distancing practices. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what plastic fabrication companies have been contributing in terms of the pandemic response, here’s a brief look at some of these important initiatives. 

Coronavirus Solutions for Medical Professionals

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and medical facilities have had to deal with a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to their workers and essential healthcare professionals. To help mitigate this problem, Polymershapes has been helping to create and distribute low-cost, mass-produced, disposable face shields that have been made available exclusively to healthcare professionals. This initiative includes plastic face shields designed and engineered by MIT Project Manus. 

These face shields have a one-piece design that is able to ship flat, so hospitals can receive them quickly and then immediately distribute them to the staff members who need them most. Once shipments arrive at hospitals, healthcare professionals can quickly fold them into three dimensional face shields in just about 90 seconds and then adjust them to fit their face precisely. Hospitals can either distribute them directly to specific team members or set them up at predetermined staging areas for pick up. 

Additionally, Polymershapes is offering intubation boxes, which are crystal clear plastic barriers that are designed to protect medical professionals and patients during the intubation process. These clear barriers are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean, so they can help medical facilities slow or stop the spread of germs while they work hard to battle infectious diseases. They are also lightweight and portable, so they’re easy for medical professionals to use in their day to day work. 

Coronavirus Solutions for Businesses

Though healthcare facilities are on the front lines of actually fighting the virus, there are plenty of other businesses that have been helping to provide essential products and services throughout the pandemic. And now, with many states easing restrictions on operations, even more in-person facilities are working their way back up to becoming fully operational again. Of course, doing this requires putting sufficient safety measures into place beforehand. And some states even have specific guidelines and requirements about systemizing separation, providing partitions, or otherwise enacting clear social distancing procedures inside businesses or other locations. So physical barriers and protective measures like those offered by Polymershapes may be instrumental in helping businesses open safely and avoid contributing to a second wave of COVID-19. 

The first and perhaps most prominent solution that Polymershapes has made readily available during this time is the sneeze guard. These clear plastic barriers are basically protective shields that provide extra protection for workers and members of the public while still offering maximum visibility to help facilitate easy transactions and interactions. They’re lightweight, impact resistant, and easy to clean. They come in standard sizes of 24” wide x 32” tall, with custom designs available upon request. Whether you opt for a custom or standard model, these sneeze guards come in a few installation options that are designed to be especially user friendly so companies can get them set up as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, Polymershapes provides privacy partitions that are designed to provide easy separation for customers or visitors in a business or facility to promote social distancing and limit the spread of germs when people need to be in the same space at the same time. Lightweight, rigid, and durable, these systems are designed to be set up quickly and efficiently with aluminum frame systems. They also come in a few different styles, including those that are opaque for maximum privacy or obscure to allow for some light transmittance between the sections. Basically, these could be set up in a waiting area or customer service center so customers who have to be in the same room with one another don’t have to be in actual close contact. 

Finally, Polymershapes offers adhesive floor graphics that can help to promote social distancing in various facilities and businesses. These products are printed on a non slip material that’s certified for use in floor graphics. They can also be produced with a standard design or your own custom branding to help these printed materials stand out. They’re ideal for use in grocery store lines, customer service facilities, or anywhere that visitors would normally stand in close proximity to one another. The product can also be used to close off tables at restaurants or cafes or direct customers to face different directions in narrow environments. All of these options can help businesses reduce close contact between customers when physical barriers aren’t a viable option.

Overall, Polymershapes is committed to providing quality plastic materials to meet the unique needs of companies in a variety of industries. We’re able to provide fast and reliable solutions to companies throughout the Midwest and East Coast, working with top manufacturers to bring you the highest quality plastic solutions currently available on the market. In addition, our Dayton facility is a complete source for plastic machining and fabrication, so customers can expert conversion capabilities to ensure that each product is produced to meet specific standards. Finally, clients also appreciate our team’s dedication to prompt and friendly service, especially during this time where essential businesses and healthcare providers need solutions right away. To discuss our coronavirus response or any of the solutions above, visit our website to request a quote today.