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Custom Shape Plastic: Innovative Solutions

Whether you need fabricated windows for the automotive industry or custom shape plastic for the transportation industry, we are here to help you develop innovative plastic solutions. You may need a plastic manufacturing partner capable of delivering on delicate timetables or precision CNC machining capabilities. Our experienced team and advanced equipment can take your idea to the next level. 

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Critical Needs within the Medical Industry

Creating innovative solutions using custom shape plastic for the medical industry is crucial given today’s health crisis. 

Plastic fabrication companies have been considered essential throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to their ability to provide solutions that protect health care workers, patients, and their families. From creating face shields to developing protective barriers such as our CoronaGuard™ sneeze guard systems, we can help custom shaped plastic to meet the needs of the medical industry.

Consider this, for example: Creating temporary, removable plastic sheet barriers that can be placed between patients and visitors who are sitting in the lobby. Many health care practices have implemented safety precautions such as placing chairs 6 feet apart as well as placing barriers between the staff and patients. But would this add an extra layer of protection between patients? It’s one of an endless number of possibilities for the medical industry.

Advancements in the Aerospace Industry

Plastics can be found throughout airplanes, from the seats you sit on to the frame of the television set on the seatback in front of you. There are many additional features that can be added in aircrafts, in equipment, and even in the airports.

If you develop an innovative product for the aerospace industry, we could custom fabricated plastic to create it.

Plastic Manufacturing for the Transportation Industry

Enhancements are made on passenger and commercial vehicles nearly every day. Many require custom shaped plastic, such as windows and window frames for buses, trains, off-road vehicles, and passenger vehicles.

If you need innovative solutions for the transportation industry, you can trust FabShapes to create reliable, high-quality custom formed plastic products quickly.

Solutions for Machining and Equipment

As a manufacturer of equipment, machinery, and tools, you need reliable equipment for your own processes.

In many places where metal has been used in the past, custom shape plastic may provide a more lightweight solution that is easier to use. Plastics may allow for higher feed rates and create less wear and tear on machines and cutting bits.

We can customize plastic components for your machinery to enable you to work more efficiently.

Rely on FabShapes for Innovative Solutions in Plastics Manufacturing

Tell us about the size, shape, and color of your project, and we will work toward customizing the product according to your specifications. Our results will meet your engineering specifications regarding safety, durability, and functionality. We will also manufacture complex custom shape plastic consistently, ensuring safety and reliability. 

If you have an innovative idea that requires the use of custom shape plastic, contact us for a quote. We can also adapt existing products to meet today’s needs.