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Dayton Plastics

In addition to being the sixth-largest city in the state of Ohio, Dayton also serves as the county seat of Montgomery County. And while the area played a large role as a center for manufacturers, suppliers and shippers, Dayton’s economy has diversified to include defense, aerospace and healthcare. The city is especially noted for its association with aviation, as Dayton is home to the National Museum of he United States Air Force.

Dayton Plastics Provider

With a stocking facility in nearby Tipp City, Polymershapes is an ideal provider of Dayton plastics. Our specialization in aerospace products is especially beneficial, as the increased used in plastics has revolutionized air travel in a number of ways.

Plastics in Aerospace

By reducing the weight of an airplane by only one pound, it can effectively save 15,000 gallons of fuel per year. But this isn’t the only reason to use plastics in aerospace construction. Compared to metals, plastics are lighter, easier to fabricate and don’t rust. There are also plenty of plastics that are fully flame, smoke and heat release compliant, in addition to offering a broad range of design flexibility when it comes to color, texture and pattern. But one of the most attractive reasons for using plastics in aerospace construction is the fuel savings. Lighter planes require less fuel to fly, passing on savings to both airlines and their passengers.

Although most people may assume that plastics are used in creating cargo containers, beverage carts and various seating mechanisms, the material is actually used in quite a few more places! In addition to nose cones, signage, dashboard enclosures and video bezels, plastic is used to create toilets, cockpit visors, counter backsplashes, flooring, mirrors, light lenses and window reveals, shades and dust panes. And because these materials can be used from recycled plastic scrap, utilizing plastics in airplanes can also effectively lesson your environmental impact.

As a premier Dayton plastics provider, Polymershapes is dedicated to providing exceptional products and unique solutions to our clients’ situations. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you utilize plastics for aerospace applications.