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Detroit Plastics

Although Detroit, Michigan, has made significant contributions to music, art, architecture and design, it is most famously known as the center of the United State’s automobile industry. All of the “Big Three” automobile manufacturers – Ford, Chrysler and General Motors – are headquartered in Metro Detroit.

Detroit Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has provided exceptional plastics products for over seventy years. With a stocking facility in nearby Madison Heights, we’re proud to be a major provider of Detroit plastics.

Automotive Plastics

Modern cars contain more plastic than ever before. More than 50% of a typical car is composed of polymer and plastic composites, but only account for 10% of the vehicle’s overall weight. A lighter car requires less fuel to power, which is an attractive attribute to any consumer looking to cut fuel costs. And with the Federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards becoming increasingly stringent, car makers are required to improve the overall efficiency of their vehicles. Swapping out metal parts for plastics is a cost-effective way to lighten the load, but plastics come with their own set of benefits.

In addition to weighing less than metal, plastic is easier to fabricate, doesn’t rust and many plastics are fully flame, smoke and heat release compliant. Plastic is also easier to customize, as the materials can come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

Plastic is also used in a variety of applications throughout the car’s design, some of which may not be intuitive to the average consumer. For example, most people would assume that mud flaps, dashboards, truck bed liners and wheel covers are made from plastic. But the material can also be used to create fuel tanks, wheels and tires, touch screens, cable insulation, headlamp lenses, suspension bushings, fluid lines, carpet fibers, wheel well liners, bumpers and other body parts.

And because plastics are easily recyclable, creating automobiles with higher percentages of plastics can help lessen environmental impact.

As a premier Detroit plastics provider, Polymershapes is committed to providing exceptional automotive products to an ever changing industry.