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Drop Your Current Plastics Provider Now If Any Of These Happen

How satisfied are you with your plastics provider? If you have questions or concerns about their level of service, it could be time to make a change. A quality plastics distributor should deliver customized products to you quickly and keep you updated throughout the process.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t get that level of service from their plastics manufacturer or distributor. They put up with all kinds of problems and inconsistencies because they think every provider is the same or they simply don’t know where to turn if they experience issues. 

However, you do have options if you’re dissatisfied. And you don’t need to put up with service that doesn’t live up to your company’s high standards. If you notice any of the following issues on a recurring basis, it may be time to look into new options for all of your performance plastic needs. 


Late Shipments

When you place an order for performance plastic products, you need those materials right away, or at least on a consistent and accurate timeline. Most businesses cannot afford to waste valuable resources tracking down shipments or dealing with constantly changing time estimates. This issue can also delay your own production or projects, making your business look unprofessional to clients, customers, or visitors when you’re unable to meet your project goals in a timely manner. 

If you’ve had this problem multiple times, it may be time to look for a plastics provider that can offer fast shipping on a regular basis. So how can you tell when a company is going to be able to deliver the products you need quickly? The first thing you should look for is a company with a local presence. This cuts down on the shipping time and also gives you access to more personalized service than you might receive from a larger facility that works with a higher order volume. They’ll be more likely to prioritize your shipments and keep them on track because they don’t have as much volume to get bogged down with. 


Order Was Wrong

If your order arrives incorrectly, then it doesn’t really matter how quickly it ships to you. Your team will still end up waiting around for the corrected products that you ordered the first time. And you’ll likely lose a ton of productivity and manpower throughout the process of sorting everything out. 

This problem can be especially troubling if it has happened on more than one occasion. That indicates a problem with the distributor’s organization or processes. Either they got your order confused with another due to a lapse in communication or they simply don’t have the equipment and tools needed to deliver the exact products you need. To avoid this issue, you need a company that is reliable and outfitted with all the latest technology and customization methods. This will allow them to more quickly and efficiently produce the products that fit your exact specifications. 


Lack of Transparency

Throughout the process of ordering plastic products, you should be able to enjoy clear communication with your provider. You need to know exactly what materials they offer, what their customization capabilities are, and how quickly you’ll be able to receive your order. If they cannot deliver that information, it either means they’re hiding important details or they don’t have the ability to meet your needs but want to lock you in as a customer anyway.

The plastics provider you choose should always have someone available to answer questions. Make sure there’s a clear channel for you to reach out to with issues or concerns, and a dedicated service team that can walk you through the process or provide updates on a regular basis. This is another aspect of plastic distribution that is often done well when left to a company with a local distribution center in your community. 


Little or No Quality Control Program

Quality can be a subjective term, but not when it comes to plastics manufacturing. There are nationally recognized standards that providers can adhere to in order to ensure that you receive high quality materials. These include plastics testing and certification from facilities like Underwriter’s Laboratory. There are also industry-specific guidelines that plastics need to meet in order to be used in specific applications. For example, plastics used in food production or packaging may need to meet specific standards set by the FDA and USDA.

If your plastics provider does not have a quality control program, they have no way of making sure that the items you order are going to meet with those testing and compliance standards. This means you could end up using items that are not approved for the purpose or environment in which you need to use them, which could lead to damage or expensive repairs or replacement in the future.

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