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Foam Board

foam boardPVC foam board sheets are some of the most versatile and widely used plastics in the world. That’s because they can be used for virtually anything imaginable. A step up from printable paper boards, foamboard, or paperboard as it is sometimes called can be cut, painted, printed and used for short and long-term applications. Pillowing grade foamboard can be embossed or die cut.

PVC Foamboard can be ordered in the following colors: White, Black, Natural, White/Black/White, Black  White/White, White/Black/Black, and Natural/White/Natural. It can be ordered in 8 different grades such as: Paper Faced, Styrene Faced, Wood Veneer, Heat Activated, Dry Erase, Digital, Recovery Board, and Self-Adhesive.

Polymershapes stocks the following dimensions and thickness variations.

Sheet Dimensions: 48″ x 96″, 60″ x 120″
Thickness: 0.125″, 0.187″, 0.500″, 0.750″, 1.000″

Polymershapes is the top plastics distributor in the industry. View our Branch Locator and select the products that you need. Same day delivery is available to most locations and products. Custom products can be ordered and cut to your specific requirements. Our Customer Service support center is second to none. We are equipped to help you make the best decisions for your needs and to provide you with all of the available options for your intended application.

In addition to foam board products, Polymershapes also offers a variety of other related products including Foam PVC, PVC Acrylic, Industrial PVC, Polycarbonate Sheet and High Impact Polystyrene.