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Frosted Plexiglass

frosted plexiglass
Frosted Plexiglass

Acrylic Plexiglass arguably transformed the plastics industry upon creation. This polymer is considered to be an excellent alternative to glass when you are looking for a stable, transparent, hard, and shatterproof material. This constructed polymer can be found throughout your day to day life as window panes or public bathroom enclosures. If you are in the market for quality Acrylic frosted Plexiglass or are searching for plastic companies near me, look no further than Polymershapes.

Better known as acrylic sheets, Polymershapes sells Acrylic frosted Plexiglass that can be used in a variety of ways. We feature a fully stocked line of extruded and cast acrylic sheet products that are suitable for a variety of applications. Acrylic Plexiglass is resistant to breaking and can easily be formed, making it a prime choice over glass in various situations. Find out about our fabrication and recycling services, two industry features that make us the answer to, “Who are the best plastic companies near me?”

Acrylic Plexiglass share the important similarities with glass that make it an excellent alternative. For example, Acrylic Plexiglass can feature the brilliance and translucent clarity that glass offers but is lighter in weight and can better resist damage from the elements.

Polymershapes offers many ways to personalize your plastic. Order Acrylic frosted Plexiglass, or choose from other grade options, such as General Purpose, Non-glare, Digital Print, Mirror, Impact Modified, Frost, LED Sign, Lighting Panel, Aerospace, and Frame Grade. Make your Acrylic Plexiglass reflective, scratch resistant, or anti fog. Choose from the following colors: clear, white, black, gray, bronze, or sign colors.

If you are in the market for quality plastics and wonder, “Where can I find the best plastic companies near me,” look no further than Polymershapes. We feature among the widest range of Acrylic and Acrylic Plexiglass sheets on the market. With over 70 years of industry-leading experience, Polymershapes is proud to be among the go-to distributors of plastic sheet, rod, film and associated products.

Polymershapes features a network of facilities located throughout the Americas. What does this mean for the consumer? Our customers have access to extensive local inventory from world-class supplier partners. Our network of branches means that we can provide same day delivery to many areas. Talk about convenience! Contact us today with inquiries or find a branch near you.