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Glass Filled Nylon

Glass filled polymers, when compared to native, are much stronger. The qualities of rigidity, strength and hardness are much improved when using glass filled polymers. Glass filled Nylon was among the first polymers that combined short glass fibers within the matrix of the polymer material.

Nylon is significantly stronger when glass is added. Glass filled nylon has a lower lubricated wear property than extruded, or cast nylon, but its strength is improved many times over when compared to general purpose nylon grades. Glass filled nylon is highly abrasive and can gall various surfaces. MGlass Filled Nylonany small technical parts are made from glass filled nylon as it is a much hardier material.

Glass filled nylon is widely used for 3D printing, additive manufacturing and other applications that need to incorporate strength and stiffness, as well as ability to bear loads.

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