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High Impact Polystyrene Mechanical Properties

Searching for information on High Impact Polystyrene Mechanical Properties? HIPS can be used in a variety of settings. This low-cost plastic material is very easy to machine, and manufacture with. Natural white (translucent white) HIPS is FDA compliant for use in food processing applications. Plastic housings, covers, trays and other low strength required items are typically made with High Impact Polystyrene.

Here is a rundown of High Impact Polystyrene Mechanical Properties. Ultimate Tensile strength is maintained until 73°F, 2,480 – 4,520 psi, using D638 ASTM Test. Like tensile strength, HIPS has a Flexural Modulus at 73°F, 193,000 – 381,000 psi, using D790 ASTM Test. The Izod Impact property, one of the High Impact Polystyrene Mechanical Properties, using ASTM D256 test revealed that this material is affected at
1.2 – 2.8 ft-lbs/in of notch. The ASTM Test D648 revealed a heat deflection temperature at 264 psi, 160° – 189° F (71° – 87° C). Water Absorption, ASTM D570 Test revealed that High Impact Polystyrene that 0.036 – 0.11% units were absorbed in 24 hours, using 1/8” thick material. HIPS has a coefficient of linear thermal expansion, ASTM D696 Test, of 5.0E-5 to 5.1E-5 (in/in/°F).

For clarity, we’ll discuss details on what each mechanical property is. Tensile strength is the material’s ability to withstand loads that tend to elongate it. Flexural Modulus is a ratio of stress to strain with regards to flexing deformation or bending. Izod Impact testing determines a material’s impact resistance point. Heat deflection temperature is the temperature at which the polymer sample deforms under a specific load pressure. Water Absorption is the amount of water absorbed under specified conditions in a 24-hour period. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion measures just how the size of an object is affected by a change in temperature.

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