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High Impact Polystyrene Sheet

High Impact Polystyrene SheetPolymershapes offers High Impact Polystyrene Sheet in the following standard dimensions. Custom sizes are also available and can be cut to order with your specifications based on the requirements that you have. We also offer various fabrication needs for High Impact Polystyrene sheet products that you will be ordering.

HIPS Sheet is also commonly called just Polystyrene sheet. It is a thermoplastic that is used commonly in manufacturing that doesn’t utilize extremely high temperatures or require a high degree of strength. Oftentimes it is utilized for the creation of pre-manufacturing prototypes.

High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS Sheet) offers several benefits and features, one being that it is fully recyclable with minimal loss of its properties. The virgin resin grade/type, Natural / Translucent White of High Impact Polystyrene Sheet is 100% FDA approved. It can be printed, and this amorphous thermoplastic withstands various fabrication methods including the ability to be guillotine cut, die-cut, punched, or formed. High Impact Polystyrene is also used as a substrate to mount graphics such as plotter vinyls and films.

Polymershapes is the leading plastics distributor of High Impact Polystyrene to countless clients across a diverse array of industries. Call us to place an order. We also have the ability to fabricate your materials, as well. As an add-on, we also offer recycling support and help. High Impact Polystyrene Sheet is easily recycled and we can help you ensure that you maximize your profits, while making the least impact on the environment. 

High Impact Polystyrene Sheet Standard Sizes:

Sheet Dimensions: 48” x 96” up to 50” x 99”, custom up to 114″ wide
Thickness: 0.020” up to 0.250”
  Custom sizes available

High Impact Polystyrene Sheet Available Product Options:

Color: Dead-white, Black, Natural, Corona treated
Custom Colors available
Textures: Matte, Smooth
Grades: Digital and screen grade