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High Impact Polystyrene

high impact polystyrene (hips)High Impact Polystyrene is abbreviated as PS, or HIPS, is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. It’s inexpensive, and in its natural form it is transparent, however it can be easily colored. It is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer comprised from the monomer, styrene, and it is rather hard and brittle with a low melting point. HIPS is thermoplastic that is typically used in lower heat applications. High Impact Polystyrene is available as a foamed material, or solid. It is commonly used for packaging, and plastic cases. It is fully compliant with FDA regulations and standards for use in food and beverage processing.

Order High Impact Polystyrene sheet from Polymershapes. Engineered from strong polystyrene resins, HIPS is best used in instances where you need to keep costs down, yet still find a solution that is resistant to impact and easy to machine. High Impact Polystyrene sheet is available in the following sizes, with custom sizes available by custom order. It is easily used for signage and pre-production prototypes. Order HIPS sheets in the following sheet dimensions: 48” x 96” up to 50” x 99”, custom up to 114″ wide with thickness ranges from 0.020″ up to 0.250″. Dead-white, Black, Natural, and corona treated colors are available.  High Polystyrene sheet is available in Matte and Smooth finish. Digital and screen grades are both available. 

Polymershapes carries  DIGI-HIPS® from Primex Plastics Corporation, as well as high impact polystyrene sheet from Spartech. We can provide same day delivery to some areas. We consistently deliver innovative solutions to delight our customers. At Polymershapes, You’re the Center of All We Do! In addition to being the largest high impact polystyrene distributor in the industry, we also offer fabrication. Plastic sheets, rod and tube are seldom used in current status when bought directly off the floor. Most are cut, routed,  and thermoformed or somehow manipulated to a desired end shape for a specific application. Whether a fabricator or an OEM in need of an intricate part for a conveyor, Polymershapes can help.