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Kalamazoo Plastics

With undoubtedly one of the most unique names in the state of Michigan, Kalamazoo was once known for its production of mandolins, buggies, automobiles, windmills, stoves and paper. Though it originally became known agriculturally for celery, the city has since shifted to produce common farm crops like corn and soybeans. The city was also the original home to the Gibson Guitar Company, with one model even being named the “Gibson Kalamazoo ‘Melody Maker’ Electric Guitar.” Although operations eventually moved to Memphis, TN, some workers from the original factory stayed in Kalamazoo to open the Heritage Guitar Company.

Kalamazoo Plastics Provider

With a facility located in the city, Polymershapes is proud to be a premier Kalamazoo plastics provider.

Although many musical instruments – including guitars and mandolins – are made using traditional wood, lots of innovations in the music production industry have capitalized on the versatility of plastics. Customers throughout the entertainment industry have long counted on Polymershapes to deliver innovative solutions and expert fabrication services to help bring about their most demanding designs. From crafting sets and special effects to producing props, displays and more, plastics have truly revolutionized the entertainment and music industries.

Our tough LEXAN polycarbonate, energy-saving LED lighting and high-performance solvent-based UV-based inkjet printing media enable labels and independent artists to reach new audiences. From fabrics and textiles to banner media, aluminum composite, acrylics and expanded foam PVC, the experts at Polymershapes can create custom solutions to your projects.

Fabrication Services

In addition to stocking a vast inventory of quality Kalamazoo plastics, Polymershapes also offer fabrication services. Computerized Numeric Control production saws are available in all fabrication facilities and in a variety of branches. These saws allow operators to cut with tighter tolerances, use multiple sheeting stacking to increase volume production and reduce turn time, and get maximum yield from each sheet, reducing waste and minimizing client costs.

In addition to precision cutting, we also offer fabrication services in precision machining, bench fabrication and thermoforming. No matter what your need, we’re here to help.

As a trusted Kalamazoo plastics provider, Polymershapes is proud to serve a growing and industrious community.