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Knoxville Plastics

Although Knoxville was the first official capital of Tennessee, the city’s geographic isolation throughout the 19th century caused some hardship. But with the arrival of the railroad in 1855, an economic boom soon followed. During the Civil War, the city was divided and alternately occupied by both Confederate and Union soldiers. At the war’s conclusion, Knoxville grew quickly as a major manufacturing center. But by the 1920’s, the city’s economy had stagnated as the manufacturing sector collapsed. After hosting the World’s Fair in 1982, Knoxville was reinvigorated and revitalization initiatives by city leaders helped to spur growth in the area, especially downtown.

Today, the city’s economy is much more diversified, with sectors in government entities, professional services, education, health care and retail, in addition to some manufacturing.

Knoxville Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has been a trusted name in plastics for over seventy years. And with a facility in the area, we’re proud to be a premier Knoxville plastics provider.

Knoxville’s reputation for manufacturing has changed over the years, as has innovations in the industry. Polymershapes and other plastics providers have revolutionized the packaging and manufacturing industry by introducing new plastics products into the production and conveyor belt equipment.

As a rule of thumb, consumers want their products as quickly as possible and at the best price. This is true no matter what you’re manufacturing. To keep up with demand, increased pressure is placed on machines that move and package products faster. Because plastics are easier to fabricate than metals, it costs less to create pieces from plastic. And the material’s lighter weight can also better accommodate higher speeds, as well as consume less fuel. And when plastic pieces are compared to metal on metal operations, plastics make much less noise which can improve the working environment for operators.

The implementation of plastics into the manufacturing industry has revolutionized the way modern packaging and conveying equipment is designed and implemented. As a premier provider of Knoxville plastics, Polymershapes is proud to be part of a city with deep roots in manufacturing.