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Polymershapes – US Plastics Distributor

Plastics provide a ton of benefits to companies in a wide array of industries. So there are many suppliers out there who can deliver basic materials. But if you need an extensive array of options, expert guidance, and efficient service, it is often beneficial to go with the largest US plastics distributor who can meet your current needs.

largest us plastics distributor warehouse

The benefits of choosing a large supplier include access to an extensive inventory of quality materials from top manufactures, industry leading conversion capabilities, and a network of local facilities that can provide fast and efficient service. 

If you’re looking for a plastics distributor with a huge selection of inventory and a reputation for providing quality items and expert service, Polymershapes should be at the top of your list. Here are just a few of the top reasons why. 

Polymershapes is One of the Largest Plastics Distributors in the US

At Polymershapes, we’ve built our reputation through the years by successfully delivering quality materials used in countless projects. Our wide selection of materials includes high performance plastics like polycarbonate, nylon, UHMW, acrylic, HDPE, and so many more. And we’ve provided these materials to companies of all shapes and sizes throughout the years. Some of the top industries we serve include construction, transportation, industrial, and signs and graphics. However, we can provide and customize solutions for clients in nearly any field. This versatility and extensive industry have been major factors in our ability to build an industry leading plastics company over the past 75 years. 

In addition to our large selection and ability to serve a wide customer base, we’re also known for providing assurance and value to our clients based on expertise, speed, and quality. We know that it’s not enough to simply carry the plastic materials you need for your next project. Today’s businesses also need a plastics distributor that can guide them to the right solutions and customization options. And the teams at our local facilities are always willing to offer their expertise to help clients get the best possible value for their purchase. Since we have experience with so many industries, you’re certain to find a professional who has provided materials for similar applications in the past. And we’re always keeping up with the latest material options and technological advances to improve quality and service even more. 

Additionally, our network of more than 80 local stocking facilities spread throughout the Americas are equipped to convert and ship materials out quickly. Thanks to our extensive inventory and close proximity to each of our clients, our Polymershapes distribution centers are uniquely qualified to meet all of your material needs on tight project timetables. This speed is essential for keeping up with today’s competitive business environment. And in some cases, it can even help companies enhance their competitive effectiveness in the marketplace. For this reason, going with the largest US plastics distributor in your area may even be able to make a major impact on your bottom line over time. 

Plastics Sheets – Fabrication, Cut To Size, Unique Markets

Some industries require plastic materials that are fairly easy to come by. But others need customized solutions or unique materials that can only be found with one of the largest US plastics distributors. It simply isn’t possible for small facilities to stock every potential material that various companies may need. And quality conversion capabilities can be difficult to come by as well. Even if these facilities can special order specific items or send out for fabrication services, these steps can really delay the process. But large US plastics distributors like Polymershapes have the space, resources, and relationships with top suppliers to keep items for niche industries on hand and provide the customizations you need in-house. 

This is often relevant when selecting plastic materials for industrial applications. The unique needs of businesses in fields like manufacturing, custom signage, packaging, and construction can make finding the right materials difficult. You may need plastics with specific qualities like impact strength, chemical resistance, or the ability to withstand friction and wear. And you need these items in the exact shapes and dimensions to fit in right away with your existing equipment or systems. Our large inventory is uniquely positioned to fill the needs of companies in all of these industries. Our materials come from top manufacturers, so you can always feel confident that you’re getting the highest quality possible. And since we keep these materials stocked in our local facilities, we’re able to provide the materials you need quickly. 

Our facilities are also outfitted with industry leading conversion equipment, which allows us to easily fabricate materials and cut sheets and other products to the exact size that you need for each product. From CNC routing to machining, our local teams can work with you to ensure that each sheet, rod, or tube is produced to your exact specifications. So when it reaches you, your team will be able to immediately integrate it into your current project and meet even the tightest deadlines. 

If you’re looking for the largest US plastics distributor in your area, you can get started by reaching out to our team today. Visit our website to see a full selection of plastic materials or find the options that are most relevant to your specific industry. You can also request a quote right from our website, or use our branch locator tool to find your closest location and discuss your plastic needs with a rep in your local community. Our team is ready and waiting to help you realize all the benefits of working with one of the largest US plastics distributors.