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LEXAN™ Glass

lexan glass
LEXAN™ Glass

Polymershapes aims to be the go-to solution for all plastic needs in North America, regardless of the scale. Since we opened our doors in the 1940s, we have steadily grown by adding products, capabilities and services, and opening sales branches all throughout North America. Polymershapes has an unwavering commitment to deliver industry-leading expertise every day, with every order.

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In the market for LEXAN™ glass? Luckily, Polymershapes is one of the leading distributors in North America for the world’s favorite glass alternative – Polycarbonate. LEXAN is the world’s most widely recognized brands of Polycarbonate, and Polymershapes is thrilled to carry a vast array of grades and colors.

Polycarbonate LEXAN glass is incredibly tough and resistant to impacts, making it an excellent alternative to glass when it comes to durability. When materials need to be strong, choose something virtually unbreakable like Polycarbonate LEXAN. After all, there’s a reason that security windows and doors, window glazing, automobile manufacturing, and construction all use it.

Many industries must follow regulatory compliance standards. Polycarbonate LEXAN glass meets the following standards that are currently in place:

  • 3-A Diry
  • Boeing/Airbus Toxicity
  • D635 Self Extinguishing
  • FAR 25.853 Flammability
  • FAR 25.853 Heat Release (OSU 65/65)
  • FAR 25.853 Smoke
  • FDA
  • NSF
  • UL-94 Flame Class
  • USDA
  • USP Class VI

Polymershapes offers services to improve your business, beyond high quality LEXAN materials. We make recycling support convenient and easy for your business through our nationwide branch network. We will supply you with containers for depositing scrap. All that’s required from you is to notify us when your containers are full. We will then deliver fresh containers and take away the full container. Scrap is process and turned into new material, and you can feel great about doing your responsibility in protecting the environment.

If you are in the market for LEXAN glass and are wondering, “Who are the best plastic distributors near me” look no further than Polymershapes. Contact us today with inquiries.