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Why Polymershapes is Your #1 Premier LEXAN Plastic Fabricator

As the premier LEXAN plastic fabricator in Ohio, Polymershapes has in-depth capabilities for large-scale fabrication projects that require specialized, high-quality machined parts for key sectors and enterprise applications.

Polymershapes takes pride in providing the construction, retail, transportation, military, government, and environmental industries with reliable products quickly and efficiently. We are skilled in handling every aspect of the plastic fabrication process from assembly to welding, providing our customers with a one-stop resource for their needs.

Our high standards ensure large run orders are available on time and meet all of our clients’ specifications.

LEXAN Plastic Fabricator with Experience Working in Key Markets

The greatest benefits of LEXAN include its durability, strength, and slight pliability. It is 250 times more impact-resistant than glass and 30 times stronger than some other forms of plastic. Its slight flexibility allows it to tolerate impacts more evenly, making it nearly unbreakable.

It is highly resistant to acids and various other chemicals. LEXAN is also valued for its versatility. It can be drilled without fear of cracking, as well as cold formed or bent without heating.

All of these qualities combined make it the ideal material to use to create products of various shapes. As a LEXAN plastic fabricator, we have created a wide range of products for several industries.

1. Government Buildings & Schools

In addition to being durable, impact-resistant, and lightweight, LEXAN plastic also has high flame retardancy.

It can be used for signage, separation barriers, bus stops, window glazing, communications equipment, and an extra layer of security where it’s needed.

2. Retail, Residential & Office Uses

Polycarbonate resin thermoplastic is ideal for an endless number of business and residential uses. A LEXAN plastic fabricator is called upon to create parts for everything from office equipment, interior and exterior signage for retail buildings, and power tools to safety equipment and electrical appliances.

Additional uses include skylights in houses and covered walkways in shopping centers, residential developments, and recreational facilities.

Due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, it is perfect for data storage and electronic components.

3. Transportation

As for the transportation industry, LEXAN is the ideal material for public transportation partitions. Its high impact resistance can protect passengers while its transparency allows vehicle occupants to communicate.

It is also well-suited for public transit bus stops, as the material can stand up to high wind, vandalism, and storms. Plastic partitions are also optimal for train station and airport attendant counters, and the polycarbonate is also used for several aircraft parts.

Reliable Results for High-Volume Projects

As you are looking for a LEXAN plastic fabricator for your project, you may wish to find one that offers multiple services. At Polymershapes, we can handle your plastic fabrication projects from the first step to the last, and completing large run orders on time is our priority.

We stock a wide range of plastic shapes and sizes, including LEXAN sheets. Our services include routing, drilling, acrylic welding, edge finishing, flame polishing, and more, so we have the equipment and experience to get your job completed quickly and with precision.

Contact us for a quote or more information about our services.