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LEXAN Plastic: Quality All Around

lexan plastic
LEXAN Plastic

Polymershapes stocks innovative polymers and plastics that are used throughout a vast array of industrial sectors. Our decades of experience has helped us understand the demands and trends of the various industrial markets, making us prime candidates for supplying LEXAN Plastic and all other plastic needs.

Continue reading to learn more about why LEXAN Plastic is superior and why you should choose Polymershapes as your supplier. Contact us today to order quality pricing. Use our branch locater to find a Polymershapes branch near you.

What is LEXAN Plastic?

Polymershapes is pleased to stock the world’s leading polycarbonate sheet brand, LEXAN. This polycarbonate resin thermoplastic material boasts an impact strength 30 times that of Acrylic, and 250 times greater than glass material.

What Makes LEXAN Plastic Superior?

Because of the ability of LEXAN Plastic to deform without breaking or cracking, it is used in bulletproofing products, windows and in settings where a high chemical resistance is required.

LEXAN Plastic can be formed into a flexible product or layered when the application needs to be shatterproof. It is even able to be drilled without cracking. When security is priority but needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Details on LEXAN Plastic

LEXAN polycarbonate sheet, or LEXAN Plastic, is lighter than glass and much safer to use. It has a low moisture absorption rate and low friction. Certain grades are FDA and 3-A Dairy compliant for use in food processing.

We stock LEXAN Polycarbonate Sheet in standard sizes, and other sizes can be custom cut for you. comes in the following standard sizes. LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Sheet comes in the follow standard sizes:  48″ x 96″, 60″ x 96″, 72″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″, and 60″ x  120″.

For Your LEXAN™ Plastic Needs, Polymershapes is the Answer

Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team can provide you with helpful information and pricing on LEXAN™ Plastic. When you need polymers and plastics, choose Polymershapes. We also offer fabrication and recycling services, making us your one stop shop for quality plastic needs.

Polymershapes has focused on delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. We are grateful to our vast array of partners who choose Polymeshapes and we encourage you to join.