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Lexington Plastics

Lexington, Kentucky may be synonymous with blue grass and horse races, but the city is known for so much more. Lexington has one of the nation’s most stable economies, boasting a meager 3.7% unemployment rate as of 2015. The city’s fortified economy is diversified among strong manufacturing, technology and entrepreneurial industries, with a strong base in business. Several large corporations call Lexington home, including four Fortune 500 companies: Xerox, Lexmark International, Lockheed-Martin and IBM. In addition, the United Parcel Service, Amazon and Toyota also have operations in the city.

Lexington Plastics Provider

When it comes to manufacturing products – whether it’s laser printers or laser pointers – items must be moved around a production facility. This movement usually takes the form of conveyor belts, which traditionally have been constructed from metal and other similar materials. However, modern conveying equipment now features more plastic pieces than ever before. And as a proud purveyor of Lexington plastics, Polymershapes has provided clientele with new, innovative designs to optimize manufacturing processes.

No matter the products, consumers prefer that they have access to goods as quickly as possible and at the best price available. To keep manufacturing costs down, higher demand has been placed on conveyors and machinery to increase speed. Because of its inherently lighter weight compared to metal, plastics can perform at faster speeds and incur less fuel costs. Plastics are also easier to fabricate, come in a variety of colors and textures, and don’t rust. And in terms of work environment, plastic on plastic parts produce much lower decibels of sound than metal on metal, making a quieter, more improved environment for operators.

As a trusted Lexington plastics provider, Polymershapes is dedicated to engineering new and improved plastics solutions to an array of industries, including manufacturing. When it comes to our mission, our customer is the center of all we do!