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Plastics Company with the Highest Inventory

If you use plastics in any of your company’s products, equipment, or operations, you need a local plastics supplier that offers all the materials that your various projects may require. This means finding a provider with an extensive inventory of various materials to suit every potential need. But it also helps to find one that has a presence in your local area to facilitate fast and effective service. 

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Polymershapes is known throughout the industry as a plastics company that can deliver a huge array of materials, shapes, sizes, and customization options. And since we have facilities throughout North America, we also offer the positive and efficient experience you’d expect from a local provider in your very own community. 

If you’re looking for a local plastics supplier that offers all of these benefits and more, here’s a guide to our offerings. 

We Provide You With Highest Quality Inventory

Many businesses and organizations think they need to choose between a local plastics company and a large distributor with an extensive inventory. But with Polymershapes, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We bring more than 75 years of industry leading heritage and a full selection of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, and associated products from our world-class supplier partners. But we do so with the needs of our local business communities in mind. 

Now, you may be wondering, “Can a national plastics distributor really provide local advantages?” The answer is a clear yes!  We currently have nearly 80 locations spread throughout North America. So there’s surely a distribution center not far from your company’s location. 

This provides our customers with a unique benefit in the form of local reach. We have the locations to facilitate quick and effective service, but they’re also backed by our industry leading inventory of quality plastic materials from top manufacturers. Since Polymershapes is one of the largest plastics distributors in the U.S., you don’t need to wait weeks or even days for materials to arrive at one of our facilities; we keep them fully stocked with a huge array of materials for companies in industries ranging from energy to retail. And you don’t need to compromise on the materials you select for each product, since our selection is so extensive and customizable. Our inventory includes everything from polycarbonate and acrylic sheets to HDPE and PVC components. And our facilities even have the ability to cut these plastics to size or complete other fabrication tasks to make sure they’re optimized for use in your applications right away. 

If you’re looking for a local plastics supplier, rest assured Polymershapes can provide all the unique benefits of local support that you’re looking for. And we can do so while also giving you access to the highest quality inventory and most extensive selection in the industry. So you don’t need to sacrifice quality and selection to enjoy the benefits of working with a local plastics supplier. 

A Local Plastics Supplier with Big Reach

As noted above, our materials supply a wide array of industries with critical materials in a diverse spread of applications and industries. From food and beverage production to aerospace, heavy construction to retail, Polymershapes is one of the plastics suppliers with the largest inventories of materials to suit your project needs.

But what’s notable is that we’re able to do all of this from our local branch locations. So when you need plastics for a specific purpose, you can reach out to a distributor in your very own community. This provides the benefit of being able to speak with a real person who understands your market. Our knowledgeable team members can provide guidance and help you choose the materials and customization options that are best suited to each specific project. Since there are so many locations spread throughout the country, each team is able to provide personal service to clients, providing fast responses to quotes and inquiries, along with a friendly, local touch. 

Then, of course, there is the benefit of time. A local plastic supplier doesn’t need to ship materials around the world to reach customers. They can manage a small amount of orders and get products out quickly. And your plastic materials never have to travel far once you’ve placed an order. 

In today’s fast paced business environment, the ability to receive materials quickly is essential for keeping up with the competition. In some cases, it can even provide a competitive advantage to position your operations in a positive light compared to others in your industry. This means your team should no longer have to wait around for materials to be shipped or fabricated, delaying your important projects or extending your timelines and budgets significantly. As such, prioritizing fast deliveries is an absolute must when considering a local plastics supplier. Thanks to our extensive inventory and local branch locations, Polymershapes is uniquely qualified to meet this need for clients in a wide array of industries. For customers in many areas, we can even ship orders on the same day so you never have to worry about lack of materials holding up your operations for long. 

Now that you know the benefits of working with a local plastics supplier that also has the inventory and resources of a large company, head to our website to browse our extensive selection of materials. You can request a quote right from our site, or use our branch locator tool to find the location closest to your community and reach out to them directly.