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Miami Plastics

Miami is considered to be the economic, cultural and financial center of South Florida. It’s a leader in finance, media, entertainment, international trade, the arts and commerce. The surrounding metropolitan area is by far the largest urban economy in the state, and twelfth in the United States with an estimated GDP of almost $345 billion.

In addition to medical centers, biotech industries and research institutes, Miami’s downtown area is also comprised of a number of international banks, hospitals and international corporations. The Port of Miami is known as the “Cruise Capital of the World” and accommodates some of the largest cruise ships in existence. After New York City, Miami is the largest major tourism hub for international visitors.

Miami Plastics Provider

From finance institutions to watercraft, plastic is a versatile material that has revolutionized these industries and many more.  And with a facility in nearby Miramar, Polymershapes is proud to be a trusted provider of Miami plastics products and innovative solutions.

Ballistic Proof Plastics

Whether protecting banks, government offices or even armored vehicles, plastics are becoming a standard in the construction of materials that are bullet, blast and wind resistant. Unlike glass, our plastics can absorb the energy given off in explosions or gunfire, effectively minimizing shards and other dangerous debris from harming your employees, customers or financial assets. Our line of Insulgard Security Products offer versatile, multi-tiered security through a range of quality products, including glazing materials, framing systems, package passers and more.

Watercraft Plastics

Surrounded by the bright blue waters of the Atlantic, Miami plays host to a variety of tourists that flock to the beaches to enjoy the surf. Water-related recreational sports are especially popular in this balmy climate, as everything from paddle boards and jet skis to sailboats and yachts can be seen floating across the tepid waters. But what many may not realize is that plastics have helped to increase the life of these watercraft long beyond what traditional materials like wood and metal were able. No matter the product, anything meant for use in water needs to stand up to harsh marine environments.

Polymershapes has developed plastics that are resistant to saltwater, UV light, chemicals and corrosion. Unlike wood, plastics don’t become water logged and rot; and unlike metals, plastic also doesn’t rust. Polymershapes can provide you with a wealth of products that are well suited to replace marine plywoods, metals and laminates found on walkways, cabinets and countertops to further extend the life of your watercraft.

When it comes to providing exceptional Miami plastics to a variety of industries, Polymershapes is up to the challenge.