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Milwaukee Plastics

In addition to being the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is also considered to be the second most densely populated city in the Midwest, surpassed only by Chicago. Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is known as a Gamma global city as categorized by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, boasting a regional Gross Domestic Product of over $100 billion.

The city’s founding fathers envisioned Milwaukee as an industrious port city, with specialties in collecting and distributing produce. Immigrants first arriving to the city in the 19th century were most often wheat farmers. By the 1860s, Milwaukee was the second largest wheat-growing state in the country, and shipped out more wheat than any other place in the world. Railroads were even constructed to move all the grain from Wisconsin’s wheat fields to Milwaukee’s harbor.

The only thing Milwaukee was more known for was brewing. Beginning in the 1840s, German immigrants began setting up breweries after arriving in the city. While nearly 140 taverns were recorded in the city as early as 1843, one major brewery – Miller – still remains in Milwaukee today.

Milwaukee Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has provided innovative solutions for a variety of industries using high quality plastics products. Food and beverage processing especially has benefited from the modern conveniences of utilizing plastics. And with such a rich history in agriculture and breweries, Polymershapes is proud to be a premier provide of Milwaukee plastics.

Food and Beverage Processing

Traditionally, metals were often used to construct the machinery necessary to process large quantities of grains, produce and other crops for food and beverage production. However, plastics are now found in a variety of applications throughout modern processing and preparation. Because materials used in this process are required to meet certain standards set forth by the FDA, USDA, NSF or 3-A Dairy, plastics were a great choice due to their chemical resistance.

With higher demand for faster and cheaper food and beverage processing came increased demands on machinery to increase production speed. Plastics’ lighter weight allowed it to outperform its metal counterpart, as plastics can both move faster and require less fuel than metal. And when operating in an enclosed space, plastics make much less noise than metal on metal, improving the working environment for workers and operators.

Through the use of innovative applications, Polymershapes was able to provide Milwaukee plastics that bring food and beverage processing into the modern era.