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Minneapolis Plastics

Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County in Minnesota. The city is often grouped together with St. Paul and dubbed the “Twin Cities,” although Minneapolis is slightly larger. Together, the cities make up the third-largest economic center in the Midwest, behind Chicago and Detroit. While its modern economy is based on commerce, rail, trucking services, health care and industry, during Minneapolis’ formative years, the city relied on the banking industry.

Millers paid cash for wheat during the growing season, then held onto it until it was needed for flour. This reserve system required large amounts of capital, which stimulated the banking industry, making the city a major financial center.

Minneapolis Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has provided innovative plastics solutions and products for over seventy years. Although we serve multiple industries, we offer a line specifically targeted for banking and financial institution to protect their assets. With a facility located in the area, Polymershapes is proud to be a premier provider of Minneapolis plastics.

Insulgard Protective Plastics

Although bullet-proof glass has long been lauded as an adequate form of protection at banks, government buildings, etc., modern plastics have provided an impressive alternative. Polymershapes has designed a line of Insulgard Security Products that feature quality bullet, blast and wind proof plastics that provide exceptional security for both financial assets and building occupants.

Because our plastics absorb the energy given off during a gunshot or explosion, it’s much less likely to fracture and break like glass. This decreases the risk of dangerous debris and glass shards from raining down on employees or customers. But we don’t just stop at windows. We also offer a multi-tiered selection of security products, including deal trays, speak-thru devices, framing systems, opaque armor and more.

With Polymershapes, you can expect custom-designed solutions to meet your unique specifications and protection needs. All of our bullet resistant materials are designed and tested to meet UL 752 standards, and can be used in any building that may have an increased risk of receiving ballistic or explosive threats, like government facilities, commercial buildings and more.

At Polymershapes, we’re proud to offer Minneapolis plastics that provide exceptional protection. When it comes to our mission, our customers are behind all we do.