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nanoDefense: A Self Cleaning Film Solution

These days, businesses and building owners are more concerned than ever about cleanliness and removing contaminants. Constant sanitizing is an option. But it can be somewhat burdensome for teams and may not result in total elimination of potentially harmful germs. 

That’s where nanoDefense comes in. This self cleaning film offers another option that businesses and building owners can add to their toolkit. Here’s an explanation of the product and how it can work to protect facilities during this time. 

nanoDefense created as a self cleaning film solution

What is nanoDefense?

For those who are unfamiliar with nanoDefense, it is a proprietary self cleaning film solution that creates a Photocatalytic effect when it is exposed to light. This is the same type of technology that is used in solar panels and other solar powered devices. But in this case, the coating uses this energy to simply clean its surface from contaminants throughout the day.

On a practical level, nanoDefense is applied as a film substrate over the top of various surfaces. It has an adhesive backing, so it can easily be applied to common touch points throughout a building or facility to slow or prevent the growth and spread of organic contaminants like germs and bacteria. 

This product is available in multiple grades, shapes, and sizes to suit the needs of various businesses and building owners. For example, there’s professional grade self cleaning surface film, which is ideal for office buildings and similar businesses. Then there’s industrial grade self cleaning surface film, which offers more durability for use in manufacturing plants and similar facilities. There’s even printable films that can be customized to the exact aesthetic needs of each building. Size and shape-wise, there are films made to fit over push bars, push pads, handles, touchscreens, and vertical and horizontal strips.

Although nanoDefense self cleaning film solutions can work in a variety of environments, there are a few common surfaces where the material is likely to be especially helpful. For example, many facilities are likely to use them on doors and door handles, elevator buttons, touchscreen kiosks, restrooms, poles and handles on mass transit vehicles, and self-service items like gas pumps. 

Basically, think of nanoDefense as an easy way to protect and clean any commonly touched surfaces throughout your facility. This can limit the spread of germs via surfaces that are touched by multiple customers and/or employees. Of course, sanitizing surfaces is still important. But this self cleaning film solution offers an easier way to stop the spread of organic compounds. And it can provide a more reliable solution for certain touch points that may often get overlooked during regular cleaning sessions. 

An In-Depth Look At How nanoDefense Works

So what exactly makes nanoDefense effective? Here’s a rundown of the technology: The self cleaning film solution includes a mineral called titanium dioxide, which acts as a photocatalyst when it is activated by light. The reaction between light energy and this compound produces Hydroxl radicals, a substance that has about double the oxidizing power of bleach. When this oxidation process is activated, the reaction breaks down organic contaminants at the cellular level, turning germs and other organic compounds into harmless byproducts, rather than potentially harmful substances. 

Here’s an example: an individual who doesn’t know they’re sick visits a building and uses a self-service kiosk. They leave germs on the touchscreen during their transaction. And though the facility is constantly sanitizing surfaces, there’s a line of people waiting to use that same kiosk afterward. The next person in line goes to touch that same kiosk, but the self cleaning film has already activated an oxidation process to eliminate the germs left by the first user. This solution has worked to keep that customer, those next in line, and employees who have to clean and service these kiosks safe from potentially harmful germs carried by one individual. 

When added to commonly touched surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons, this film acts quickly to break down germs constantly. Since it is not always possible to sanitize these surfaces in between each individual use, applying film offers an incredibly practical and effective solution for dealing with the inevitable germs, viruses, and bacteria that end up on these common surfaces. 

In order for nanoDefense self cleaning film to continuously oxidize organic contaminants, the surface must have constant access to light. So it should only be installed on surfaces that are near windows or other light sources. Your team should also consistently wipe away anything that would prevent light from reaching the surface, like layers of dust and grime. It’s important to note that nanoDefense film works at the cellular level. So it’s able to oxidize a cleaning material that transforms microscopic compounds. But it doesn’t have the power to eliminate large debris or visible buildup of dirt or other materials. So regular cleaning is still necessary. 

To make sure this self cleaning film solution works as intended for as long as possible, simply wipe surfaces with a non-abrasive cloth and water to remove debris and large-scale contaminants regularly. Avoid using harsh cleaners, detergents, and dirty or abrasive cleaning utensils, since these could scratch the film and prevent it from completing the oxidation process that is needed to eliminate potentially harmful organic compounds.

Additionally, most facilities should replace nanoDefense each quarter. The film itself has a long shelf life and should continue working for a long period of time. But commonly touched surfaces like screens, door handles, and elevator buttons get exposed to a lot of physical wear and tear. So small scratches or buildup on the coating can prevent the oxidation process from working as it should. 

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