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New York City Plastics

New York City is known by many names: The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Empire City and even The Capital of the World. NYC is the most populous city in America with the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass. Considered a megacity, New York City has been lauded as the cultural, financial and even media capital of the world and exerts a significant impact on education, politics, tourism, fashion, sports, research, entertainment and commerce.

The renowned fast pace of the inhabitants coined the term “New York Minute,” as speed and convenience rule in this bustling city center. If the old adage of “time equals money” is true, that might explain why the largest number of billionaires reside in New York City than anywhere else on the globe. With a Gross Metropolitan Product of just under $1.75 trillion, if the greater metropolitan area were considered a sovereign state, it would have the 12th highest GDP in the world.

New York City Plastics Provider

Like the great city of New York, Polymershapes boasts an extensive expertise in a variety of industries. A premier plastics provider for over 70 years, we’ve developed solutions to streamline a multitude of processes and industries for decades. And with a facility in nearby Hicksville, we’re proud to be a trusted provider of New York City plastics.


The modern car is now comprised of over 50% plastic parts, which only account for 10% of the overall weight. Lighter cars require less fuel to power, increasing the overall fuel economy and passing savings onto consumers. Because plastics are easier to fabricate than metals, and come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, they offer much more design flexibility. In addition to automobiles, Polymershapes has designed plastic applications for the aerospace, bus and rail, heavy equipment, recreation vehicle and watercraft industries.


Plastics don’t just provide lighter weight alternatives to traditional materials. Our line of Insulgard Security Products also shows the strength of plastics when crafted into bullet/blast/wind resistant products. From speak-thru devices to glazing materials and counterline systems, our ballistic-proof plastics keep government offices, financial institutions and other commercial buildings safe from gunfire, explosions and dangerous weather.


Plastics have also revolutionized the manufacturing industry. The lighter weight of plastics allow for faster speeds during production, and they require less fuel to power than metals. And when plastics are used in conveyors and other means of production, they create a lower decibel of sound than metal on metal materials, drastically improving the working environment for operators. From food and beverage preparation to chemical processing, medical packaging, machine guards, milling and mining, and conveying equipment, plastics have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing industry.

When it comes to the diverse applications of New York City plastics, Polymershapes is proud to offer such a wide range of products and solutions for a variety of industries.