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Nylon Sheets – Attributes and Applications

Nylon sheets distributors offer tons of benefits for companies in a wide array of industries. Nylon may be known by trade names such as Sustamid, Tecamid, Nycast, or Nylatron from our premier partner, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. The material is one of the first engineering plastics to really gain traction as a usable material. So it has been around for a while and is well established in the world of thermoplastics. 

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However, if you aren’t a plastics engineer and simply want to learn more about the materials available for use in your company’s applications, you may not know all the attributes, applications, and benefits that nylon sheets provide. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your work with nylon sheets distributors. 

Attributes of Nylon Sheets

Nylon is known for providing both strength and toughness. This makes it durable in a wide array of applications, since it can stand up against the force of impact as well as constant wear from friction. Many plastic materials excel in one of these areas but fall behind in the other; nylon provides a good balance between the two. 

Additionally, nylon is lightweight and easy to machine. This makes it incredibly versatile, since it can be cut to various sizes and thicknesses and even shaped to make specific components. And its low weight makes it easy to handle, especially when compared to metals and other materials that it often replaces. 

Because of this versatility, nylon is available in an array of forms, including rods and tubes. However, nylon sheet distributors often focus on providing flat sheets of this material cut to size for various applications. Additionally, nylon sheets can come in both cast and extruded versions. Cast nylon, or type 6 nylon, is known for good dimensional stability, and great machinability, making it a great option for complex machined parts, and near net shapes.. Extruded nylon, or type 6/6 nylon, offers a good balance of characteristics such as heat resistance, impact resistance, and low coefficient of friction, making it a good replacement for metal.. Nylon sheets are also available in grades for specific applications including FDA compliant nylon, oil-filled, glass-filled, MoS2 filled nylon, and more. Your nylon sheets distributor can walk you through the specific options and help you choose the exact materials, forms, and grades that are best suited to your specific applications. 

Applications for Nylon Sheets

Because of the attributes detailed above, Nylon sheets can be used in a wide array of industries and applications. A few of the industries that use this powerful material include aerospace, transportation, energy, and sports and recreation. Here are some specifics on a few other industries that often make use of nylon sheets distributors. 

In the construction industry, nylon is strong enough to be used in various structural elements. In fact, it is often used as a replacement for metal in various applications. It can even be used in the production of parts for heavy construction equipment. And it provides enough wear resistance to serve as special components like outrigger pads.

Nylon sheets are also common in manufacturing and industrial settings. The material’s wear resistance makes it ideal for components like bearings, gears, gaskets, and conveying equipment. In these settings, nylon delivers high performance when used as a replacement for a wide array of materials, including metal and rubber. 

Nylon’s resistance to chemicals and its overall durability also make it ideal for use in the food industry, specifically in packaging and production equipment. In fact, certain grades of nylon have been rated as compliant with FDA, USDA, and 3A-Dairy regulations. So it’s proven safe for use around consumable materials. 

Of course, these are just a few of the instances where nylon provides benefits. The material can be used in nearly any application where other materials like metal and rubber may be found. Basically, if you’re looking for a strong, tough, lightweight material, consider nylon sheets as an option. 

Benefits of Nylon Sheets

Of course, nylon is just one of many thermoplastics that can be used in these industries. So what makes it stand out from the rest? Here’s a list of reasons why many companies choose nylon sheets for their specific applications. 

The versatility of nylon is one of its biggest benefits. As you can see by the extensive list of industries above, there’s no shortage of uses for nylon sheets. So having a nylon sheets distributor that you trust can help your organization in a wide array of instances. 

The material’s multifaceted durability is another key factor that impacts the popularity of nylon sheets. Many plastics specialize in either strength or toughness. But nylon stands up against both sudden impact and wear over time. Since there are many instances where businesses may value both of these factors equally, having access to a material that balances the two concepts can be a major asset. 

Nylon is also incredibly easy to use and customize. Its easy machinability makes it simple for nylon sheets distributors to cut it to size and shape it for use in specific applications across industries. 

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of nylon sheets, Polymershapes can help. We offer nylon in sheet, rod, and tube varieties, and our products are available in both standard and custom sizes. In addition to our extensive inventory, we provide a “one-stop shop” for additional value-added services like custom conversion and fabrication capabilities. Our local facilities are conveniently located throughout the country to provide fast and friendly service. So if you’re ready to work with nylon sheets distributors that can provide all the attributes and benefits listed above, simply visit our website to find and reach out to your local branch.