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Nylon Tube

Nylon TubeNylon was among the first engineering plastics to come to fruition. It features an amazing wear resistance and in tube form, its even hardier than other Nylon products. It routinely replaces metals such as bronze, brass, steel and aluminum. We offer competitive pricing and standard sizes of Nylon tube. Custom sizes can also be ordered. Our inventory is unmatched by all other plastic suppliers. When you order plastic products from us, you can choose from thousands of quality products and brands. Contact one of our knowledgeable industry specialists at 1-866-437-7427 to find out about availability and to place your order.

Nylon 6,6 is the world’s most used Nylon. Nylon 6 is usually cast nylon and it is also among the most widely used nylons. Other Nylon’s are available as are other plastic sheets including HIPS Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheets, and other varieties. Whatever your need, we will meet it. We stock Nylon Tube in the following ranges: Outside Diameter between 2” and 8”, and Length between 26” and 96”. Choose from the following colors of Nylon Tube: Natural, Black, Green, and Blue.

Polymershapes offers a variety of value-add products and services. With 5 film conversion centers and 2 fabrication centers, our state-of-the-art facilities provide convenience and excellent customer service.We can fabricate your Nylon Tube exactly to the specific needs of the application. We use computerized numeric control production saws, precision machining including milling, turning, and routing, as well as thermoforming and bench fabrication. Polymershapes puts customer service at the center of all that we do.