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Oil Filled Nylon Sheet

Oil Filled Nylon Oil filled nylon sheet is created by adding an oil to the cast nylon product matrix. Many applications require a type of cast nylon that has additional lubrication qualities while still offering the same levels of machinability and performance. These are situations in which oil filled nylon is best. Industries related to food processing, where contamination must be kept to a minimum and cleanliness is paramount benefit from using oil filled nylon related materials. This material absorbs less water than cast nylon products, and thus has improved dimensional stability.

Polymershapes, best among plastic companies near me, makes it easy to order and receive oil filled nylon sheet for your application. Let our customer service professionals help you with all of your questions related to Nylon products, Nylon Sheet, Nylon Rod, and Nylon Tube in various grades, such as oil filled nylon, and glass filled nylon.  

Oil filled nylon features better lubricative qualities, and a lower coefficient of friction than other grades of nylon offered by Polymershapes. It could possibly be the best polymers for your related need.  It is frequently incorporated into products for the marine industry, and there are versions of oil filled nylon that are FDA and USDA 3-A compliant.

Polymershapes stocks standard sizes of nylon products and specific oil filled nylon sheet grades. Custom sizes can also be ordered. To order, call us at 1 (866) 437-7427 or use our Branch Locator to find a location near you. Polymershapes has over 70 locations throughout the Americas, Canada and Mexico.