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PET Plastic Film

PET Plastic FilmPolyethylene Terephthalate can be formed into a plastic film and used for a variety of different applications, including food packaging. Many plastic bottles that are used for liquids such as water and sodas are made from PET plastic film or are combined with other elements to make containers that are specifically created for beer. Prior to discovering that PET plastic film is a strong barrier to oxygen, LDPE was commonly used.

The first trademarked and well-known brand of PET plastic film, Mylar, was biaxially oriented, and often combined with other elements, to enhance its properties. For instance, Mylar, when aluminized with a thin film of aluminium metal, becomes reflective and opaque, making MPET, which is then used to make items that need an insulating property. Insulated food packaging and space blankets are manufactured with this material.

Non-oriented PET film is easily thermoformed and is often used to make over the counter medicine packs, or blister packs, as they are commonly called in the industry. Also, crystallizable PET plastic film is perfect for frozen dinners packaging.

PET plastic film can be combined with other particles such as glass, or other fibers, and with these added elements it becomes much more durable and stiffer. It is used in 3D printing as well.

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