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Philadelphia Plastics

Philadelphia, or “Philly,” is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Founded by English Quaker William Penn in 1682, the city was meant to serve as capital of the Pennsylvania Colony. The city also played an instrumental role in the American Revolution as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers, who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution in 1787.

In addition to its historical significance, Philadelphia is known for economic sectors in health care, bio tech, information technology, manufacturing, oil refining, food processing and tourism.

Philadelphia Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has provided exceptional plastics products and innovative designs for over seventy years. With a facility nearby, we’re proud to be a premier provider of Philadelphia plastics used in major regional industries like food processing, manufacturing and oil refining.

Food Processing

Plastics have helped to revolutionize food and beverage packaging and processing. Because plastic is inherently chemical resistant, it’s able to meet certifications set by the FDA, NSF, 3-A Dairy and USDA. Plastics are also lighter weight than metal, allowing them to accommodate the higher machining speeds placed on processing procedures. And by creating a lower decibel of sound than metal on metal operations, plastics create an improved overall work environment for operators.


Moving objects around a production facility is an important part of any manufacturing process. Conveyors have traditionally been made using metals, but modern applications are utilizing the benefits that are inherent to plastics. Because consumers are putting increased pressure on having quicker access to products at the best value possible, it’s important for manufactures to find solutions to address these demands. Plastics can accommodate higher machining speeds due to their lighter weight, and also require less fuel than heavier metals. Fuel savings can be passed along to consumers, while still meeting increased production speeds.

Oil Refining

Plastics are increasingly replacing traditional materials used in the oil and gas industry, which is allowing providers to find valuable sources of energy that help fuel growth and economic development. High-performance plastics offer outstanding design flexibility, can stand up to extremely harsh conditions, and improve efficiency, all at lower costs than traditional materials. Polymershapes can provide you with plastics that can deliver static dissipative and conductive properties, shrink lubrication needs and even provide excellent electrical insulation properties.

As a premier Philadelphia plastics provider, Polymershapes is proud to offer so many versatile solutions to the city’s most lucrative industries.