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Pittsburgh Plastics

In addition to being the second largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is more widely known as “The Steel City” for its 300+ steel-related businesses. Aside from steel, the city also leads in the manufacturing of glass, aluminum, petroleum, transportation, automobiles, computers and electronics. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and other internet giants are among the over 1,500 technology firms generating over 20 billion dollars in annual Pittsburgh payrolls. The city has also served as the federal agency headquarters for cyber defense and software engineering, while also being home to 68 colleges and universities. Additionally, eight Fortune 500 companies and six of the top 300 law firms in the nation call Pittsburgh home.

Pittsburgh Plastics Provider

Although the city may be famous for steel production, the recent climb in technology industries has shifted Pittsburgh’s economy into the future. And as a premier distribution of plastics, Polymershapes is very familiar in constantly striving to produce more effective and efficient products as the technology becomes available. As a trusted Pittsburgh plastics provider, we offer a variety of products that are essential in the delivery and continuation of a thriving computer-based marketplace.

For example, our plastics are ideal for creating membrane switches which are a vital piece of any modern technological equipment. We encounter these switches every day. Whether we’re tapping on a computer keyboard, programming a microwave, surfing channels on a remote control or even pumping gas, we’re interacting with these membrane switches. These important switches protect control mechanisms from harmful elements like moisture, dirt, dust and other harsh environments that could interfere with the performance of the switch. This is especially important in tools where the mechanisms could be exposed to chemicals or other dangerous hazards. Our polyethylene terephthalate film contains a number of qualities that make it an ideal material for membrane switches. Its high tensile strength, chemical resistance, electrical insulation and a wide variety of available thicknesses make it an ideal material for protecting sensitive technology.

But as a premier Pittsburgh plastics provider, we don’t just stop at providing solutions to the technology industry. We also offer a wide variety of products for the transportation, food and beverage processing, building and construction, chemical processing and even security industries. When it comes to providing exceptional products with custom-designed solutions, trust the experts at Polymershapes.