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2021 Industry Predictions for Plastic Distributors

Throughout the course of 2020, have you found yourself searching for terms like “plastic distributors near me?” More companies than ever before learned about the power and versatility of plastics this year. So it wouldn’t be surprising if you did enter this search term or do some preliminary research about plastic products at some point during 2020. 

Understanding the trends and current events impacting plastic distributors around the nation, and particularly those in your community, may even help you make the most of your investments in plastic supplies in the coming year. Whether you’re looking to purchase more performance plastics in 2021 or just want to learn more about the industry, here’s a guide to some of the trends and predictions that may continue to make an impact in the world of plastics in 2021. 

Increased Search Volume

Overall, “plastic distributors near me” wasn’t one of the top search trends of 2020. But you probably did notice an increase in plastics at various businesses and facilities throughout the year. So there was plenty of search activity to note. 

Particularly in Q1 and Q3, Google saw increased search volume for “plastic distributors near me” and related terms. This indicates that more and more companies were making use of plastics to enhance safety at their facilities or improve their operations in some way. One of the most notable changes was likely the installation of plastic barriers to increase safety and reduce the spread of germs in areas where people have to meet or complete transactions face to face. 

At the beginning of the year, it is likely that many essential businesses like grocery stores and medical offices looked for solutions like this to make conditions safer during the first phase of the pandemic. As the year progressed, some non-essential businesses began re-opening, but still wanted ways to reduce the risks for their employees and visitors. So the search trends shot up again later in 2020. It’s likely that safety and cleanliness will continue to be top concerns in 2021, so this increase in search traffic, research, and purchases may still be relevant moving forward. 

Plastics Companies Deemed Essential During Pandemic

When you think about essential businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, you likely picture grocery stores, doctors offices, and companies that provide emergency services to consumers. However, there are plenty more businesses working behind the scenes to support the operations of those essential companies. And that includes plastic distributors. 

In the early days of the pandemic, plastic distributors were deemed essential by various states and local governments. This allowed them to stay open and maintain operations even while many other companies were forced to shut down. This is mainly because plastic distributors provide essential materials and supplies to medical facilities and other essential service providers to maintain safety conditions and support efficient operations. 

Though plastic distributors did not gain as much attention as front line workers, their contributions were still important to helping companies and communities cope during an incredibly difficult year. They provided barriers, PPE, manufacturing equipment, and a huge array of other materials that allowed clients to protect their team members and support their communities in various ways. 

Even though many of these basic safety adjustments have already been made, plastic distributors are going to continue providing essential products and services as we move into 2021. The industry learned just how pivotal its contributions could be in 2020. So the ability to serve clients quickly and provide essential solutions will likely continue to be a major priority within the industry. 

Companies Quickly Pivot to Help During COVID-19

The challenges of this year have forced many companies to change up their operations in various ways. Some of them pivoted to online models. Others changed their offerings entirely. A few even found ways to help their communities despite their original business models remaining viable during a public health crisis and subsequent state and local shutdown orders. 

These companies all changed their operations in different ways. But plastics often played a role in helping companies meet the most immediate needs of their customers and communities. For example, some essential businesses were able to remain open thanks to influxes of PPE like face shields. And some set up sneeze guards and other barriers to stop the spread of germs between members of the public and their employees. 

Additionally, some companies were able to change their operations thanks to custom plastic materials and components. For example, manufacturing facilities could go from producing bottles for beverages to creating hand sanitizer to help consumers kill germs. Others added items like face masks to their product lines. When these changes required a bit of adjustment to companies’ manufacturing equipment, custom plastics often helped to facilitate these changes quickly. 

Looking ahead to 2021, it’s likely that agility will continue to play a major role in the success of companies across various industries. In 2020, businesses learned the importance of being able to pivot and make adjustments quickly. And plastics helped many of them achieve those goals. Since uncertainty is still likely to impact many industries in the coming year, similar adjustments may continue to impact the plastics industry. 

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