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Plastic Fabrication Companies Create New and Improved Parts In Can’t-Fail Applications

Plastic fabrication companies can provide a huge array of custom solutions for clients in various industries. With such a huge array of materials and fabrication methods available, the possibilities for manufacturing innovative solutions are seemingly endless. Some of these solutions are able to be adapted and changed throughout the years, allowing for constant improvements and scaling to meet the unique demands of customers.

partition created by plastic fabrication companies helps to protect employee and customers from spreading coronavirus

While all of these solutions and innovations are important, some applications must be made to operate up to very specific standards right away. In applications where safety or public health are in play, these materials must be tested and proven to perform in the industries that need them most. Here’s a rundown of some of these applications and a look at how plastic fabrication companies are creating new and improved parts in these cant-fail applications. 

Solutions for Operator Protection & Transportation

For mass transit providers in cities around the country, the plastic materials chosen for windows, modesty panels, hose clamps, and literature holders are important. But providing sufficient operator protection is an absolute must. These protective panels are designed to keep both drivers and passengers as safe as possible. So they need to be manufactured using quality, impact resistant plastic that still provides for optimal visibility. These solutions are becoming even more important now as the coronavirus pandemic has forced more transit providers to consider how they’ll protect drivers and passengers as they move into the future. So the ability to create lightweight yet strong solutions that can be installed quickly is a must. 

In addition to providing operator protection and other plastic features for mass transit applications, plastic fabrication companies also provide similar protective solutions for other types of vehicles like, forklifts, golf carts, and ATVs. Though some of these vehicles don’t usually travel at a high rate of speed, they still need to provide a protective barrier to keep drivers safe in case there’s a collision or impact with debris. 

Solutions for Military & Armored Vehicles

When it comes to providing solutions for military and armored vehicles, plastic fabrication companies need to put high impact strength above all else. These applications cannot be allowed to fail when operators need protective solutions most. That’s why materials are produced with the highest quality polycarbonate and other impact resistant glazing. They’re also tested to withstand impact at a high level to ensure that military and government agencies receive the exact level of protection they need. 

In this industry, plastic fabrication companies can produce windows, windshields, gunner shields, and various plastic features for agency vehicles. These items are responsible for keeping operators safe even in uncertain conditions. In addition to providing protection against obvious threats, they also need to be durable enough to stand up to flying debris, automotive collisions, and everyday wear and tear. Agencies make major investments into safety equipment for their teams, which is why there are such rigorous industry standards in place for these products. 

Solutions for Oil, Gas, & Wind Energy

In the energy field, plastic fabrication companies are responsible for producing bearing and wear parts to help machinery run smoothly and efficiently. Even though some of these components may seem small or minor in the grand scheme of each company’s operations, they perform essential functions that help everything else operate at maximum efficiency. If any of these parts fail, it could throw off all the other components or cause premature wear that forces operators to invest in expensive repairs or replacements, while also potentially throwing off energy production for customers in the area. 

In addition, specialty engineering plastics can be produced to provide specific components that energy providers need to fit their existing machinery perfectly. These components can be even more essential to the production of high quality energy solutions. Without the ability to engineer parts to each provider’s exact specifications, companies may be forced to completely reconfigure their production equipment, which may lead to delays or lapses in energy production overall. 

Machining Solutions

When it comes to producing components for industrial machinery and equipment, plastic fabrication companies can offer custom machine components designed to each client’s exact specifications. They can also produce common parts like chain guides, wear plates, bearings, structural parts, and dunnage. All these components are essential for the longevity and efficiency of these pieces of machinery. The materials must be held to high industry standards to support constant motion and wear. 

Solutions for Public Health & Medical Applications

In the medical field, high quality plastics can be produced to enhance both safety and public health. The importance of these materials being produced at a high level has never been more pronounced than it has in recent months during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plastic fabrication companies have jumped into action to supply hospitals and medical care centers with face shields, intubation boxes, and physical barriers to help healthcare providers, administrators, and members of the public stay as safe as possible when they need quality medical care. These items are produced using lightweight materials that can be shipped and distributed right away. They’re also strong enough for daily wear and tear and easy to clean for maximum safety. 

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