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Plastic Fabrication for Machine Manufacturers

If you need machine components made by a plastic fabrication company, then you are likely concerned about cost, efficiency, and speed. You may be considering a number of plastic fabrication vendors and weighing your options. This article will discuss a few things to keep in mind when considering a plastic machining vendor.

Machine Manufacturers

For machine manufacturers, the size and functions of the components needed may vary from project to project. You’ll want to select a vendor with a high degree of technical acumen as well as robust on-site plastic fabrication production capabilities, with a host of solutions to fabricate plastic products to your exact needs, specifications, and timetables. This is where a company such as Polymershapes excels, with three CNC mills on site as well as CNC programmers in-house. 

For example, machines which incorporate products such as chain guides will benefit from durable, high-quality plastic components which allow them to function reliably over time. 

Fabrication for Wear Plates

Your project may require wear plates built to very precise specifications, such as for military projects, casting equipment, shredders, crushers, and more. Consequently, you need to be equally precise in your selection of the best plastic fabrication vendor. Preferably, this will be a company with extensive experience in machining wear plates, and has delivered bulk projects with a timely track record.


You may need quality dunnage that is consistent with regulatory needs, and is both cost-effective as well as having a high level of reliability during packing or shipping. Plastic dunnage comes in a number of varieties, so choose wisely with a vendor who has experience in high-volume dunnage production. No matter what company you choose, you’ll want to ensure that they have the capabilities to quickly turn around plastic dunnage that meets your needs and will ensure the order is completed on schedule.

It’s not easy to find a good company that produces plastic fabricated dunnage, but when you work with a company like Polymershapes, you will know you’ve made the right choice.

Equipment Calibration

Another consideration is the state in which any plastic fabrication company will maintain the calibration of their inspection equipment. Quality plastic machining requires strict adherence to a maintenance schedule which will allow all plastic products to be fabricated with the highest level of quality.

A plastic machining vendor without a dedicated quality control program, or with poor communication, will produce orders that are subpar. You need to ensure that you’re contributing to a positive arrangement by thoroughly researching your plastic fabrication company’s full capabilities. The results will yield dividends in the end.

Choose The Right Plastic Fabrication Company

Your industrial or construction project will require high attention to detail and reliability to deliver on-time, every time, so it’s worth it to do your homework and consider a vendor with high staff tenure and experience with a proven track record in high-volume projects. Contact Polymershapes today to get a 24-hour quote turnaround.