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Plastic Fabrication Services See Huge Boost in Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders devastated several industries, but many companies that offer plastic fabrication services have actually seen an increase in demand.

Manufacturers have adjusted to meet this demand by increasing the availability of needed products, hiring additional team members, and creating innovative solutions. 

As social distancing recommendations were made by the CDC in 2020, government offices, commercial businesses, retail establishments, restaurants, financial industries, and transportation companies added plastic barriers, for instance. When the availability of masks was limited for a short time, the demand for plastic face shields increased, as another example.

Now that vaccines have been approved and government leaders aim to have millions of people vaccinated within a few months, the demand for unique plastic fabrication services is sure to increase.

Although the effects of the pandemic have been devastating in many ways, manufacturers are stepping up to do their part to improve the outlook for the future.

Industries that are Driving Demand for Plastic Fabrication Services

Despite the drive for vaccinations, government officials and medical experts are still recommending the use of face masks and social distancing for the foreseeable future. Items such as sneeze guards and plastic face shields will therefore continue to be in high demand, and manufacturers should strive to keep up with these needs.

Industrial, construction, and medical industries will certainly continue to drive demand for plastic fabrication services throughout 2021.

Needs for Plastics in the Industrial Industry

Fast and reliable plastic fabrication services have enabled industrial businesses to continue assisting consumers throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to create these products that are needed to control the spread of the virus, plastic fabrication services will continue to be needed for machine components, chain guides, and structural parts. We work with a wide range of industrial businesses to provide such custom plastic products.

These businesses include those that develop products for the restaurant industry, transportation industry, and others that have needed to adapt over the past year.

For instance, many rideshare drivers have had to install plastic sheet separators in their vehicles. These clear barriers can help to stop germs from spreading from the front to the back of the vehicle and vice versa.

Plastics in the Construction Industry

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave a lasting impact on the construction industry. Internally, contractors have had to develop their own social distancing measures, as this industry requires them to work together on projects that must be completed in person.

Plastic building materials are essential for a wide variety of construction projects, from exterior applications like windows and doors to internal elements like floor coverings and cables.

Polycarbonate, for instance, can be used to create sustainable plastic building supplies with high-impact resistance and transparency. Therefore, it’s often used for applications that require a high level of strength and clarity, such as noise barriers and safety eyewear for construction workers.

We are proud to offer plastic fabrication services that not only enable contractors to continue to do their work through this pandemic, but also do so safely.

Meeting the Medical Industry’s Demands

As the medical industry continues to battle one of the most significant health crises in history, many forms of plastics will be needed throughout 2021. 

Polymershapes developed its proprietary CoronaGuard that can help protect medical workers and patients, as well as individuals in a multitude of other industries. We also offered intubation boxes and mass produced plastic face shields developed by MIT Project Manus, which helped to address the shortage of personal protective equipment in medical centers in 2020. 

Helping Our Customers Help Others

We at Polymershapes are proud to help our customers by providing fast, efficient, and reliable plastic fabrication services. From traditional, everyday plastic products to innovative solutions in the face of the pandemic, the medical, industrial, and construction industries and more can count on us to deliver results. 

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